Top Rejected Names for My Team

Getting the right team name is critical to setting the right tone for the kind of team you want to have and for recruiting. A cool name gets you the cool people. A boring name gets you people like me. So, in an effort to come up with a team name I sat down and began arranging relevant words for my team and quickly found a host of names that were utterly inappropriate:

  1. The Non-Professional Developer Team. As if we show up to work late wearing our bathrobes and slippers?

  2. Enthusiast Developer Team. Rah, rah, rah, aren’t we enthusiastic. Rah.

  3. Software Hobbyist Incubation Team. Spell it out.

  4. Student, Hobbyist, and End-user Developer Team. Yeah, we SHED even though our owners brush us every day.

  5. Beginning Tools for Hobbyist Developers Team. Sure, I really want to be the team whose initials can be sounded out as “butthead.”

  6. Hobbyist and Beginner Tools Team. Closer, but HaBTT? Habit?

So what do I call this thing?

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  1. That last one could also be the "Hobbit Team" if you’re a bit creative about which letters you include and don’t mind that your "b" brought along a friend uninvited.

    That sounds like it has interesting potential – you could all come to work barefoot as a morale-building exercise…

  2. James Clarke says:

    Casual Developer Team 😉  CodeMakers 🙂 Pretty hard to find a good name I imagine.

  3. Beginner, Interested, and General Programmers Interested in More Power (Internal Name)

  4. johnmont says:

    BIG PIMP. Excellent. You know it’s hard out there for a pimp…

  5. johnmont says:

    If I could work on Project Gandalf, I’d think more about the Hobbit thing. What could Gandalf stand for?

  6. Beginner, Interested, and General Programmers Interested in More Power (Internal Name)

  7. johnmont says:

    Larry, I’m noticing a theme.

  8. Xepol says:

    Why try to give something a great name when the MS marketing team can provide all the soul-crushing-cool-killing sylables you need?

  9. Mitch Denny says:

    How about the After Sunset Team?

  10. Helen Mats says:

    How about TechAtomic?

  11. Kurtiss Hare says:

    I’ve always thought the word amateur didn’t get the credit it deserved.  There are still several nasty stigmas that a respectable product like yours might help to shake.  Tools for Amateur Developers Team.  Tag line: Our developers love their code.  

    (It helps if you pronounce it om-uh-toor, instead of am-uh-cher)

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