Software Enthusiast Scenario Fake Demo Script

As a way to get my head around the whole scenario, I wrote up the entire scenario as a kind of very high-level demo script and tied each action back to an experience in a value proposition. How much of this gets into the product is a matter of costing, prioritization, and quality. If I can’t implement the scenario to the level of quality I want, I will wind up cutting features until I get my target quality (or until the scenario as a whole no longer makes sense).

Jay creates a new blackjack game and loads it up onto MSDN so others can find it. Next he emails Jessica to let her know the game is up there. Jessica goes to MSDN because she’s interested and chooses to download and install VB Express so she can work with the game. She finds the registration button and registers. Shortly thereafter, she receives an email with links to lots of resources such as snippets that will help her in working with games. Jessica looks at the game and decides she wants to make it look a lot cooler and to enable it to double down her bets and so she reworks the UI in Windows Presentation Foundation. As she’s working, context-sensitive help offers her specific tips on how to modify this starter kit. She notices there are some specific snippets for adding yet more cool features to the starter kit and decides to further enhance the game with a cool peer-to-peer competitive play feature. Help offers her some specific snippets to import, and the registration email she got earlier offers her links to 3rd party online resources. She visits one of these resources and finds code she wants to use later, selects this code, and imports it into her local snippet library. At this point, Jessica finds the help to be invasive and needs the screen real estate, so she turns it off. In working through her game, she builds more interesting snippets and decides to contribute them back to the same community that helped her, so she packages and publishes them to an online site where she finds more snippets for her starter kit and further customizes the game. Upon finishing her game, she uploads it back to the community where others can download it and play with it and rate it.

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  1. zzz says:

    The one thing I don’t like about C# EXPRESS is that if I’ve already registered, then reinstall computer & Express, it will ask the CODE.. Doh! Why can’t I just enter the Passport email/pass and have it detect that I’ve registered already? Who the … thought about having such code. Aren’t we supposed to head away from codes/passwords to a world where Identity matters. Please let my Info Card or Passport be enough to let it know I’m registered.

  2. zzz says:

    Obviously the Legacy RegCODE approach should be there for those who have not heard of the Internet. For the rest of us I don’t want to write up all these codes and password.

    My voice is my passport, verify me.

    (Express team needs to go and watch Sneakers)

  3. If you’re suggesting starter-kit-specific snippets as a model, you should definitely always have some domain-specific ones. I.E., in addition to P2P and graphical enhancement, Jane knows that advanced blackjack players "count" cards and has a cheat sheet she found online that she implements in code.  

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