Entrancing: Der Lauf Der Dinge (Run of Things)

This video on Google makes the "Cog" commercial from Honda seem like a minor hat trick.

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  1. It also makes you realise two things about the original that are, in hindsight, fabulous, and which are sorely lacking in this version. (I only really noticed this about the original as a result of watching this new one.)

    First, the quality of the edits in the original are superb – it’s really hard to see most of the joins. By contrast the joins in this one were painfully obvious, and bordering on "please stop insulting my intelligence".

    Second, the pacing of the original is unbelievably slick. The timing on most of the steps in this one on the other hand makes it, frankly, a little tedious at times – it should be at most one third as long as it is. The original doesn’t have a dull moment.

    That said, I find tihs one immensely appealing despite the shortcomings.

  2. …of course I should have looked into things a little more carefully before posting that last comment.

    Back in 1987 when they made this film, they didn’t have the same kind of digital editing suites we have today, which is why the Honda advert, which turns out to be based on this rather than vice versa (slaps forehead), was able to do such a slick job by comparison…


  3. johnmont says:

    I wondered who’d watch to the end to catch that. I almost posted something about it, but then thought, "Who can I trap thinking this is just a long, bad remake of the Honda ad?" 🙂

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