What Law Enforcement Has Been Doing Wrong…

From the AP:

"Satellite tracking, helicopter surveillance and dart guns failed. In the end, it was a ham dinner and a remote-controlled net that brought a golden retriever named Sam in from the cold after two years on the run."

I'm quite convinced this would work for humans as well. Just go through America's most wanted list and start offering free ham.

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  1. Xepol says:

    Nah, you start offering free ham to criminals and then all the starving people ‘ll start commiting crimes just to get the ham.  

    And then we’ll be overrun with thin, ham scented petty thugs.

    Why doesn’t anyone think about these things but me?!

  2. johnmont says:

    For the rest of the weekend, I’m going to walk around chuckling to myself about the phrase, "ham-scented petty thugs." Just say it to yourself a few times in a row. Those are just four words that are somehow funny together.

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