Are You a Fascist?

Take this simple test and find out...

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  1. Tim Roberts says:

    Scored 3.5

    Web-site said "You are disciplined but tolerant; a true American.".

    Well, I’m not American, but I think I am disciplined and tolerant.

  2. johnmont says:

    You have to read the stuff at the bottom — evidently this was some kind of strange post WWII test.

  3. mcgurk says:

    3.1, and I consider myself to be pretty conservative/libertarian.  

  4. 3.16  Almost a left leaning pinko 🙂

  5. Xepol says:

    Go figure, 2.93. I scored as a conservative canadian (which seems oddly appropriate)

  6. John's wife says:

    You married a liberal airhead. What did I marry, John?

  7. johnmont says:

    3.8, I think. I don’t like my boots shined that much.

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