Not "Visual Studio Live": Call It "Tuscany"

There's a natural inclination to shorten things. "Visual Studio" becomes VS, for example, and ".NET Framework" becomes ".NET." I should have thought more about that when I started writing things like, "figuring out what 'Live' means for developers" or "determining what a 'Live' version of Visual Studio might look like." Everybody seems to be calling it "Visual Studio Live." With my background in marketing I should have known better. I'm really not branding anything: that's up to the marketing folks.

So, in case you're wondering, the code-name for the project I'm working on is "Tuscany." Not "Visual Studio 'Tuscany'" mind you. Just "Tuscany." So from here on out I'm talking about a region in Italy.

And how did we choose this code name you ask? Well, I was sitting in a room with Craig Symonds (my general manager) and Chris Dias (one of Soma's business managers) and pointed out that if we didn't come up with a code name for this project we'd all start calling it "Visual Studio Live," which it may or may not be. Chris suggested Tuscany and we bit.

Henceforth, Tuscany.

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  1. masonfl says:

    Wise move.

  2. Tuscany is now a name used in the Apache world for the implementation of Service Component Architecture. Code naming your project Tuscany would be about like naming it "J2EE".



  3. John's wife says:


    Is it too late to change the code name to "Amy?"

    Before you tell me that you can’t name a product after me, type in "Amy" to Amy is the name of many U.S. locations, including lakes, towns, rivers, mines, peaks, and islands.

    Remember, I have a birthday coming up.



  4. johnmont says:

    Jeff, I didn’t know when we selected the name that Apache had a project with the same codename. The nice thing about codenames based on places is that you don’t have to deal with much of the rigor of a trademarked name — it’s why so many people use place names as codenames (there’s a long story about Apple’s codename struggle with the "Sagan," which became the "BHA" that you can look up on MSN Search).

  5. mheller says:

    You could call it Mount St. Helens… 🙂

  6. Xepol says:

    Ya, right up until marketing gets their hands on it.

    MS staff can come up with some cool project names (Avalon) only to have marketing come along and destroy them into soul deading phrases that fall off the tounge like a rock (Windows Presentation Foundation).

    Expect similar intelectual violence when yer closer to shipping (then you’ll look back at VS Live with longing, I am sure!)

  7. Episodes says:

    Another episode hits the streets.

    Show Notes


    Around the Horn with the Plumbers …

  8. Cette info est peut être passée à la trappe dans nos blogs mais je trouve l’information intéressante.

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