Evolution of the Cathedral

In his post about the changing cathedral and bazaar, Jon Udell asserts that the cathedral and the bazaar are both changing. And of course, they are — that which stands still, dies. At the same time, my core point is that the “sharp edges” I’m talking about are manifestations of user experience. User experience is…


Are You Dumb?

A game to play with the sound turned low so nobody can hear whether you’re dumb or not.


Supersonic Flight

I guess the Concorde never made back what it cost to research and develop it. I suspected that, but didn’t know it.


VB .Next

Good article on eWeek on VB “9.”


Text Your Teapot

Engadget picks up some interesting items, among them this teapot that you can send a text message to in order to turn it on.


What? No Captain Underpants?!

Evidently book banning is still in style. I thought that went out with goose-stepping and invading Poland.


Brilliant Serenity

After admitting to Bill Dunlap, the C++ product manager, that I was a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, he turned me on to Firefly, a series by Joss Whedon, creator of Buffy. Firefly was killed midseason, but I couldn’t figure out why. It was well-written (Whedon is an amazing writer), well-acted, and had a good…


The Myth of the Once-Readable DVD

I’m getting kind of a kick out of reading Ed Bott’s stories documenting how he’s trying to clarify some comments taken out of context. I worked for Ed for about three years at PC/Computing and can assure that a) he’s a real person b) his name really is Ed Bott and c) he rarely gets…


At the Heart of Science Fiction

I’ve been reading a bunch of sci fi for the past couple of months (John C. Wright, Richard Morgan, Chris Moriarty, etc.). At the heart of a lot of it is the idea that, once we can harness something greater than simple fossil fuels, we will be able to transition much of our technology and…