Supersonic Flight

I guess the Concorde never made back what it cost to research and develop it. I suspected that, but didn't know it.

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  1. Mike Dimmick says:

    In effect the Concorde was financed by the British and French taxpayers, and of the 16 manufactured, British Airways only bought 5 and Air France 4. A further 2 were effectively given to BA for £1 while 3 were given to Air France for 1 franc, in 1980. The other two, which were the first off each of the two production lines, were never flown commercially and were often used for spares.

    As a Brit – one young enough not to have paid for the project! – I feel somewhat conflicted about Concorde. On the one hand it’s a pretty amazing technical achievement. On the other it’s something of an environmental disaster. When I was in Seattle last year for a friend’s wedding, I visited G-BOAG at the Museum of Flight. I noted that all the seats are covered – and that it is only on loan, it’s still owned by BA. In theory BA could still recall the fleet and put them back into service. In practice they need a large amount of investment to bring them up to date.

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