No, I Am Not One Of The Village People

I decided to dress up for Halloween as a contractor. I should have painted the tools gold so that I could have said I was a government contractor. But everyone thinks I’m dressed as one of the Village People. What do I have to do — start overcharging people?


The Art of Writing Headlines (Sucks)

Something Scoble wrote about reminded me of being an editor: the more controversial a headline is, the more likely people are to read it. I can remember BYTE’s “Is Unix Dead?” cover story and the controversy it stirred up a decade ago — and it wasn’t even a statement: it was a question. Headlines are largely written…


Wiring a Kiln or "So That’s What 200 Amps Smells Like"

Recently, my wife found a great deal on a Skutt 41″ oval kiln that a school had to get rid of. It had never been used, and they were offering it for $1200 (a great deal). So we borrowed a friend and a pickup truck and retrieved it. The next task was to wire it…


RTM is Here: Time to Remove Betas

In general, Microsoft doesn’t support upgrading from one beta or CTP to another (the user-friendly instructions are to reformat), nor from beta to RTM of Visual Studio and .NET Framework. Fortunately, Dan Fernandez helped create a tool to aid in the uninstallation of beta 2 of VS from your system to help you install the…


An Ad, but a Funny Ad

Everyone once in a while, Microsoft does a good one. Check out this LiveMeeting ad.


Evolution of the Cathedral

In his post about the changing cathedral and bazaar, Jon Udell asserts that the cathedral and the bazaar are both changing. And of course, they are — that which stands still, dies. At the same time, my core point is that the “sharp edges” I’m talking about are manifestations of user experience. User experience is…


Are You Dumb?

A game to play with the sound turned low so nobody can hear whether you’re dumb or not.


Supersonic Flight

I guess the Concorde never made back what it cost to research and develop it. I suspected that, but didn’t know it.


VB .Next

Good article on eWeek on VB “9.”