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This morning I was listening to some MP3s on my computer. A particularly fine tune came on (Holst's Second Suite for Military Band) and I wanted to crank the volume (I was wearing headphones so as not to disturb the cats or make the neighbors think I am any weirder than they already do). So I turned up the volume dial on my Toshiba laptop. Then I turned up the volume in Windows Media Player. Then I turned up the volume in the Windows Control Panel. Just for the sake of completeness, I walked around the house and also turned up other random volume dials (clock radio, stereo in basement, stereo in car) in case I'd missed anything.

Maybe a little change in UI design required?

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  1. lol. I feel your pain. Generally speaking when I install a new build of Windows (I’m doing x64 now) during my initial setup I first jack up the volumne every place in Windows thus delegating control to the knob on the speaker in front of me.

    it would be really cool if they all stayed in synch. i.e. I turned the knob the windows media slider goes down, I adjust the control panel the knob turns up.

  2. I have made Chris Sells laugh. My day is complete. 🙂

  3. There was something planned for Longhorn, that included new global volume management, right? I remember it being a sidebar tile, but since said host app has apparently been ditched, we’ll be back to knob madness.

  4. I don’t know. It sounds like a reasonable feature for Longhorn, but I’ve mostly been paying attention to what APIs it will expose.

  5. Just for reference:


    Not sure if that was just a concept or not. I think I played with it in the early Longhorn builds, but frankly, it’s too long ago to remember.

  6. My HP laptop’s volume dials are controlling Windows’s overall volume setting, while Media Player volume control sets the volume for only itself.

    This way, I can ensure, the New Mail Notification "Ding" is not going to rip my eardrums.

    I think it’s one of your competitor’s media players who assumes power over my machine’s volume and it’s definetely not what I wish for.

    So I’d cheer a mixer control that would let me adjust the volume of all media applications, running or not.

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