The Errors of My Ways: Mistakes I’ve Made Recently

  1. I realized that my HVLP sprayer required 40 psi, not 90 psi. That made painting much less painful.
  2. I remembered to sand between coats. 400 grit.
  3. I tried to fix my Miata's roof myself. Just don't.
  4. I tried clipping nose hair with kitchen shears. Ouch.
  5. I bought several bottles of wine based on the artwork on their labels.
  6. I didn't keep up to date with RSS Bandit.
  7. I stopped blogging for 6 weeks.

Comments (3)

  1. For a much safer option to mistake 4:

    however, there is nothing that will remove the pain of getting old.

  2. I was kidding about that part.

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