Windows Forms and Avalon Interop

Internally, the Avalon and Windows Forms teams have been kicking butt on getting interop working. Here's a sample of the mail that's going around (less the embedded images):

We've been working hard with the Winforms team to design the next round of features to make Winforms-Avalon interop even better, but I'd like to take a moment to explain all the great stuff we already have. Winforms interop is real, it's in the Customer Tech Preview builds, you can do some pretty cool stuff. Here's what you get with WinForms interop:

  • Convenient code -- interop in only 10 lines!
  • Mouse and keyboard events
  • Menus and pop-ups work great, they don't get hidden under the hwnd
  • Access keys (mnemonics) under construction: Support for multiple levels of interop, e.g. WinForms inside Avalon inside WinForms
  • A good VS experience
  • Data binding -- WinForms data binding to data objects written for Avalon and vice versa. (OK, I haven't tried that one yet, but I'm told it's all working)
  • Layout integration (CTP build has a bug where we can get into infinite layouts, this is fixed in later builds)
  • under construction: tabbing
  • Under construction: seamless accelerators, aka bubbling key events across interop boundaries


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