The 1.3oz Bag of Coffee

I just ran into the Farmers Brothers rep who was replenishing our floor's supply of coffee (or as my friend Ben calls it, "office brown") and chatted with him for a minute. It turns out that Microsoft has special-ordered those prepackaged bags of coffee with only 1.3oz of coffee in them. Evidently about 1.5oz is normal.

Is this some bizarre cost-cutting measure?

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  1. Twyford says:

    Thats the funniest thing I have heard today!

  2. Rev says:

    Nah, this just reflects Microsoft’s policy of taking something already on the market, modifying it slightly and rebranding it.


  3. Technically, this isn’t rebranding — it’s still Farmers Brothers coffee. Just 0.2oz lighter.

  4. Rev says:

    The MS edition though. Kind of like Starbuck’s Silk Soy Milk. =)

  5. What I found more interesting was that Farmers would make a special coffee bag just for Microsoft. Evidently they do it for lots of their corporate customers.

  6. G says:

    This is not unusual. Almost every place I work has this problem. Most places, they just solve it by using 2 bags per brew to double the strength, actually resulting in higher costs for the coffee.

  7. I would imagine that as it isn’t a standard size, the 1.3 oz bag will actually cost more than the 1.5 oz bag.

    [I have vast experience of this. My wife’s mother always bought 250gm bags of coffee when the standard size was 500gm. Invariably (because coffee was often on sale) you could buy 500 gm bags for less than the 250gm bags.]

  8. Except that Microsoft buys so much of it (remember we have like 50K employees worldwide and probably 35K in the Puget Sound area alone) that it becomes cost-effective.

    I have a feeling, however, that cost-savings wasn’t the motivation. I just thought it was weird.

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