Bonny Doon in Screw Cap

Down in Santa Cruz, there's a winery called Bonny Doon. I've had their wines in the past and I'd generally say that they're better than OK, but not screamingly good for the price. Yesterday I bought (and consumed) a bottle of their Big House Red, a screw-cap red blend. For $10/bottle, there are far worse wines, but both my wife and I noticed a kind of chemical taste to it and I found it a little flat overall on my palette. I'd put it down as a nice drinking wine at $10/bottle, but given the choice at that price point, I'd probably choose the Three Thieves Zinfandel, which, in its 1-litre bottle comes to only $7.50 for 750ml, is a better deal.

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  1. Thomas Lewis says:

    I am a big Bonny Doon fan, especially their Cigare Volante, Syrah and Sangiovese (usually have to order direct from them on the Sangiovese). I found the Big House Red does need some breathing time to mellow out that chemical kick though.

    I had seen Three Thieves and wondered about it, but based on your recommendation, I will be checking it out.

  2. I love the Cigar Volante. I actually left the Big House Red open for several hours and the chemical taste did drop, but I also felt that the overall presence dropped, too.

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