From Paint Job to New Second Story

Somehow, simple projects around my house always turn into complex ones. I can't just paint the bookcases, I have to spray them with ten coats and sand in between coats. I can't just order a pizza, I have to start at 5AM making my own pizza dough. And I can't just repaint the upstairs. Somehow, I wound up deciding that it was "better" to add a new second story.

OK, the truth is that my wife and I both decided this, and we've been unhappy with our second story for years. And the tear out revealed lots of little problems that would have become big problems in five years. But still. So we've decided to act as our own general contractor and use a service called UBuildIt, which offers consulting services through a project. The lead designer came over last week and taught Amy how to measure so she can create the roughs of the floorplans. I got a lesson on point-loads. And we both came away realizing that this was going to be a big project.

And did you know that you don't need to even pass a test in the state of Washington to be a general contractor? Just pay the fee. Electricians and plumbers need to pass tests and serve apprenticeships. GCs just pay a fee. Sheesh.

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