The Lowly Griddle

I just bought a Lodge cast-iron grill/griddle. I wanted it mostly because I don't have a way to get the fancy grill marks on food unless I use my gas grill (outside) which, during winter in Seattle, is a wet proposition to say the least. So I bought a $25 reversible grill/griddle. It arrived yesterday and I promptly cleaned it, covered it with oil, and put it in the oven to season (delaying the insertion of a set of wonderful cinnamon buns I'd planned to have done). And this morning I made eggs, toast, and bacon on the griddle side. I have to say that I've never used a griddle before. This was amazing. Nothing stuck. The eggs spread perfectly. The toast toasted. The bacon sizzled. I was enthralled. it was cooking as it should be. I highly recommend it so far.

Tonight, I grill. I don't know what yet. Maybe some buffalo patties.

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