Maytag Neptune Washer Lawsuit?

Well, well. After doing all the research, we learned yesterday that there's a class-action lawsuit against Maytag for problems with the Neptune washers -- evidently they develop mold in the door gasket, the motors break, and other things go wrong. So we went to Home Depot where we bought those devices and asked. Nobody there knew anything about the class action suit. So I called the regional Maytag sales director. I'll see where that winds up.

I was pretty irritated at Home Depot and the fact that they sold us a washer that could have such problems. I even asked explicitly about known issues with the washer because some of the Web searches I did (e.g. on indicated that the Neptunes could be very hit-or-miss, and he said they got no returns. Maybe they don't. Then again, if mold starts showing up in a month or so, I'll be returning mine.


Updated April 9, 2006: I've received hundreds of thousands of views of this blog entry and, while the comments are closed, I get a regular stream of emails seeking advice or help. I'm afraid that I've had to stop answering each email. I'm rather appalled at what I'm hearing about Maytag's service and its reported lack of response to calls and unwillingness to repair the units for anything less than several hundred dollars as well as the reticence of large chain stores that sell lots of these units to talk about the lawsuit. I will say that so far I haven't seen any mold growing in our washer, but I do keep the washer door open except when we're runing laundry. I posted subsequently here and here.

I'll also point people to the Maytag Front Loading Settlement site (US -- Canada is here) as well as a search for other sites that talk about the suit. Based on all the emails I've gotten, I can't say I would ever buy another Maytag anything -- the company seems deeply in denial about what appears to be a widespread problem with its products.

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  1. The big problem with the maytag neptunes is the wax motor, which can melt (it’s made of wax afterall) and take the motherboard out with it.

    We just went through that with our Neptune – and got the class action lawsuit info two weeks later :).

    I don’t think current neptunes have this problem.

    And we absolutely LOVE our neptune, so go figure.

  2. We have one too. Got the same notice. The class "payout" basically will get us a new *top-load* washer if Maytag can’t fix our front-load. The problem is our W/D is stacked and a top-load won’t work. I sent a letter to one of the lawyers listed in the notice… I’ll let you know what I hear back…

  3. bolts says:

    If you’re thinking about hesitating — check out the HE3 washer and dryer from Sears. Front load with see-through doors — we watched the first load in fascination 🙂

    Apparently they have a HE4 too…

  4. Eric says:

    I bought a new Maytag washer last year. They’ve really come down in quality in recent years. They used to be the best in the business. Now they still have the high prices, but they’re no longer #1 in quality.

  5. Well, we’ll see what turns up from this one. So far, it’s done just fine, but we’ve only had it for a couple of weeks. It would really bum me out if it both failed *and* there was no way to replace it with one that won’t fail.

  6. scott f. says:

    ive been working on washers and dryers for years. for the manufacturing comp.most of the mildue issues come from people using cold water cycles all the time.and about the motor going out they revised it. and the warenty is 5 years from purch date.the prob is everybody wants high tech appliances. just remember high tech appl. means high tech problems

  7. Well, I guess I’m glad I went with a Calypso in spite of *their* class action lawsuit (something about bra underwires getting caught in the wash plate). I figured, though, that a) by now, Whirlpool has worked out the kinks, and b) it’s under warranty, so if it breaks, someone fixes it. I almost got the Neptune, but it was $100 more and only came in white.

  8. Lynn C says:

    We got our Neptune set late 2000. The washer has had 3 service calls and 3 of the 4 referenced defects replaced. I was reallyn irritated when I called on the last one because it was 9 mo. life for failure 1, another 9 mo. for failure 2, and 11 months to failure 3. Almost like a failure gestation period. We expressed our dissatisfaction with the continual odor from the unit and the service tec said that since there was a small ( you can hear it slosh ) amount of water left in the drum that there wasn’t any way to get rid of it. – Interesting to see that that is one of the class action failures as well. I’ve spent hours on Maytag ( play tag folks ) service line to get this serviced. They refer to the class action settlement and to call that number – that number takes you nowhere to get that type of help.

    For me – it’s not just that the unit design is defective – perhaps that can be resolved. IT IS THE REALLY LOWSEY SERVICE that they provide when they know the problem exists.

  9. Don S says:

    Purchased ours in 1999 from Home depot and still waiting to see service man. Must be sleeping.

  10. Liz Roberts says:

    Our Neptune just went down – 7 years of mold, and now the door latch went out and the board went out. Result – no washer. I always thought that Maytag was the best – NO MORE!!!!!

  11. The same week I received the letter from the lawyers re. the class action settlement, my door lock blew! Without that lock, the spin cycle doesn’t work so you’re basically left with a load of soaked clothing. However, I called the Priority 1 phone number, spoke with a rep. at Maytag who said they would repair at no cost, referred me to the local appliance repair company, and 10 days later — I have both a new circuit board and a new lock.

  12. I can vouch for the horrific mold and odor problems mentioned in the lawsuit. Our Neptune is about 18 months old, and was fine for the first 6 months. After that, all our laundry started having the mold-odor- or even dare I say it- a vomit-like odor. We called Maytag about it 6 months ago and they acted like they’d never heard of it before! They told us the procedure to wash and wipe down with bleach, but that only fixes it for a few days.

    So we were amazed to get the notice describing the class action for mold and odor! Here we are with a thousand dollar washing machine, yet for months we’ve been taking our laundry to a wash-dry-fold service- at our expense!

    I guess now we’ll let Maytag try to fix the problem, and if not we’ll apply for the replacement certificate.

  13. Purchased the Neptune in 1998 and have had several repairs done. No mold however, the motor and pump have gone once already. Does the lawsuit allow for full reimbursement?

  14. Lynne says:

    Oh how I wish I hadn’t received the class action suit information. The Maytag Priority One service rep I just spoke with on the phone was very well trained at giving "the company" response. She informed me that because I was well out of my warranty period she could help me locate a repair facility but that basically was it. Currently we have HIDEOUS mold and mildew smell and accumulation. We also have motor issues as the darn thing can’t complete a cycle without constant monitoring to press and repress the start. Interestingly enough, 2 months ago, I received a service follow up call from Sears for the repair of a TV. Their rep offered me an extended warranty on not only the TV but my Maytag Neptune as well. I asked the rep at the time why the washer, I hadn’t purchased it at Sears and had a house full of Maytag products. How did they know I had one? Was the service tech that perceptive? Very strange. What I find most shocking is really the lack of response by Maytag regarding this issue. Shame on you Maytag, for not taking this seriously. tsk tsk tsk

  15. Lynne in NH says:

    Just actually got somone to give me an appt to have my Neptune repaired. The clothes smell horrendous, especially washcloths. I’ve spent hours on the phone. They are still charging me the $120 service call plus parts. Everyone wanted to direct me to someone else. I wonder how long I will have to wait to get this money back. Law suit says they agree to fix, so why don’t they just fix w/o charge?? Very frustrating!!

  16. I haven’t filed a class action lawsuit as of yet. I purchased my Neptune W/D in Mar 2004 and The rubber around the tub has deteriorated. Although, Maytag has offered to fix the problem at no charge. Who wants to pay for something, that has to be fix on within 5 months of purchased. I will go to every extreme to make this problem awhere to the public. Spending this amount money for a W/D and to experince this problem within 6 month time spend has frustrated me tremendously.

  17. Karen in VA says:

    Just found out about the neptune problem after years of allergy problems caused by mold , that is now found to be growing in my washing machine- words fail to discribe the anger I feel

  18. wax board replaced and also door lock. i also have MOLD. VERY EXPENSIVE TO FIX. SURE HOPE I GET MY MONEY BACK.

  19. Wow. I never expected this kind of response to my posting. Here is the little I’ve learned since making this posting. First, here’s the Web site that talks about the class action suit: Personally, I don’t qualify. Second, I left a voicemail for Greg Browning, the local Maytag District Manager, when I was given his name by the folks at Home Depot. It’s been a week and he hasn’t returned my phone call. Now, I’ve been known to be on vacation and not return phone calls for a while, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. But what amazes me is that there could be this kind of response and Maytag would deny the problem.

  20. Went in today to buy the stackable Neptune W/D at Home Depot. While we were ordering it, I called the 800 Maytag number, to order an accessory, allowing me a side vent for the dryer. (It’s going in a very small space). I was SHOCKED to hear on the Maytag recording: "Press one, if you are calling about the Neptune Class Action Lawsuit." I stopped my order quicker than you can say "moldy socks!" WOW. Dodged a bullet there. Then tonight I found this weblog. THANK YOU for helping me avert disaster! I am surprised (?) that Home Depot (or Sears, for that matter!) knew nothing of the problems. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good stackable? Thanks.

    —Melissa in Orange County, CA

  21. I reluctantly invested in the Maytag Neptune washer back in 08/03 from Lowes. Since my purchase, I have received approximately six solitations from Maytag to purchase expensive extended warranties. However, with Maytag’s reputation of reliability, I decided to take my chances and hopefully save a little money. I received the class action settlement information two days ago and was surprised to see it reference the very same problems I have noticed recently. There is black mold growing around the rubber seal just inside the door and mold forming inside the compartment where you pour the detergent and softener; my door latch rubs as if it isn’t aligned correctly and my motor sounds very loud. I have a family of five, three kids between the ages of 8 years and 11 months. I am concerned about the cleanliness of my washed clothes and the effects this mold may have on their health!!

  22. J.P. says:

    Okay, let me get this straight. I spend $999.00 plus tax on a DEFECTIVE front-load Neptune washer and if it cannot be repaired after two attempts then I get a certificate for another Maytag washer…BUT this washer has to be a top-load and I must pay for it up front then send proof along with the certificate directly to Maytag for reimbursement? What kind of settlement is this? I don’t know of any top-load washer that cost nearly the amount I have already spent. Additionally, are Maytag appliances really worth a second try? Personally, I will object to the settlement by stating this very issue. I hope everyone will do the same. We should have a right to a full refund considering the circumstances, and the freedom to purchase another brand that is more reliable! I also invested in a Maytag Gemini electric double oven approximately three years ago. It too has had several problems from electrical to cracks in the encasement.

  23. pat says:

    boy what a deal!!! maytag offers the new top load neptune you would be be better off with the mold in the old one.The NEPTUNE T/L is nothing but a clypso like whirpool has and is just about the worst washer ever built!funny how both have lawsuits against your self a favor people buy a whirlpool duet or kenmore he3 the are great washers ,,why spend $3-$400 in your neptune and still have nothing because if you have one of the first couple yrs neptune washer that came out your going to have problem after problem even if you change motor kit ,the mildew kit the wax motor the machine board and on and on there junk trust me i see them everyday in my trade..

  24. tonia says:

    The neptune top loader is junk. I feel very fortunate though, based on what I am reading. We originally bought the Kenmore HE3 models. They were GREAT and we loved them but only problem was they were too deep for our laundry room door to shut. Sears kindly allowed us to exchange them, we went to maytag neptunes….geez what a mistake. No mold though, but it was like running the clothes thru a mini-tornado. Fresh from the dryer they looked like they had been wadded under the seat of your car for a month, and all the necks were stretched, buttons off, etc. I don’t iron much, so back to Sears, who assured us we were CRAZY and Maytag is the absolute BEST and EVERYONE ELSE loves these machines. Now we have the $500 hi-eff Kenmore basic models, they work like a charm and both together cost less than the maytag washer. I’m afraid all you settlement folks are going to get stuck with another crappy washer.

  25. amy flegel says:

    my front loading 1999 Maytag washer leaves our clothes, towels, bodies, and now house smelling like mold (throw-up). It is so sick, I am furious. I am taking my children to the doctors because of this prolonged exposure to mold, mildew, and whatever else. They better make this right for my family.

  26. paul says:

    Here’s another problem you’ll have to look forward to. I have a 6 year old MAH3000 already had all of the class action suit items replaced, the board control and latch at my expense and still deal with the mold. For the past couple of months, during the spin cycle, I have noticed the noise level increasing at a steady pace. I placed a service call with Maytag and was told it would be $130 for the tech. to come to the house. Thinking that maybe the parts would be covered they were not – surprise surpirse. They now want an additional $300 for a tub assembly and support assy. which houses the screaching defective bearing. Got the same customer service as all of you. Both the tech. and customer service folks didn’t know why I was having all these problems. Maytag is the pits – spread the word!

  27. Amanda says:

    well, we’re stuck with our front-loading Maytag Neptune. A friend of ours purchased this washer, had trouble with the motor stopping unexpectedly and the water not draining, so she gave it to us for free. We had the motor fixed for about $150 and all was great… we thought. Now, after just a few months of using it, we have this ridiculous moldy odor coming from the washer. All of our towels stink and now are clothes are starting to smell too. Our problem is, we can’t apply for the re-bate because we didn’t actually purchase the Neptune. Or can we? If anyone knows of a way around this, please let me know because we need a new washer!

  28. Well…we bought the original front loading Neptune back in 97 for a ridiculous amount of money thinking we were getting the top of the line and would not have to buy another washer for 20 years. Since then, we have had the circuit board problem, the latch problem, the mold problem AND a rust problem. The mold is now back and within 1 year, the rust is back. The problem w/ the rust is that it leaks into the dispenser and stains your clothes. To replace it, you must replace the entire top/side/front casing of the unit. Maytag covers the part but, not the labor. They will not send you the part. You have to pay $119 for them to figure out which part you need first. If it happens again, you pay another $119. I expected more from a company with a reputation like Maytag. If you mess up and manufacture a crummy product, say you are sorry, fix the problem with a smile and keep your customers forever. I bought Maytag because my mom swore by them. I’ll never buy them again…nor will my mom or my brother! (By the way, we also bought the matching dryer and that motor went out too…that cost almost half the amount of the dryer to fix!).

  29. Chris says:

    We bought my second one a year and a half ago, we have are having our second repair to it. The one I lost to my ex- has yet to have a single problem we bought that one back in 97. The quality the neptune used to have and was known for isn’t there now.

  30. SW says:

    I had no idea the problems I’m having were due to faulty equipment. I have to tape the door shut with duct tape so it won’t pop open. Sometime the machine stops anyway and the water remains in the machine. Also have the mold problem. The machine makes strange noises off an on, sounds like something is squeking.

  31. lms says:

    I purchased my Neptune washer in May 2002, I had the first problem with it today. It wouldn’t spin and the control board had Lr lit on it. I called the national service number and after a very long hold, I was told that Lr indicated it was a locked rotor and a service call would be necessiary. Maytag will pay $46.50 towards the service call. I haven’t had any probem with mold however. I spent way to much money on this machine to have problems after 2 years. My household is only 2 adults. We don’t generate the laundry as families with children.

  32. My late husband bought my Neptune approx. 6 years ago, long story short, the door latch went out at the exact time the "board" went haywire which flooded my kitchen with water, it seems the circut boards ability to stop the water from flowing was affected ( I heard water running so I went to investigate and found this mess)called Maytag who after 2 WEEKS returned my call " they had never heard of any problems such as mine, oh yes the moldy smell was MY fault for "improperly using the machine", got it fixed ( NOT by them) and the same thing has happened a year later, I’m looking at Whirlpool or Kenmore washers, and I’m telling EVERYONE I know of my problems! so BEWARE THE MAYTAGS!!!!!!!

  33. D.W. Foss says:

    I bought the Neptune W/D in April of 1998, and within several months had warranty repair on the washer–moldy smell, would not spin out the water. They fixed it and it lasted until 11-03. Constant water in machine, would not spin/extract water, horrible moldy smell. Of course, now out of warranty. My home warranty would not cover it as they "found out" it was a manufacturer’s defect and Maytag was well aware of the problem! The repair through my home warranty service, should they have done it, would have been $355, but interestingly, the local repair man Maytag sent out only charged me $72, and "waived the service charge fee." Makes you wonder–I asked him about the problems with the Neptune and he was evasive. So far it spins my clothes but the moldy smell still comes and goes.

  34. nhaydel says:

    Hate my Neptune purchased in 2001. Made numerous calls to Maytag customer service and was told I must not know how to wash clothes( I’ve been washing clothes for more than 35 years and always had a Maytag) Finally filters were changed, etc. It’s full of mold and smells awfully bad AND still doesn’t clean clothes.

  35. Joan Mikeska says:

    Purchased my Neptune set in July 2003.

    Lots of mold and rubber inside door is warped and twisted.

    Mold is biggest problem.

    Only 2 adults in family. Purchased Sears Calypso for our condo. Works wonderfully!!

  36. I am very disappointed with my new washer and dryer of 8 mths. The clothes end up so twisted and smell awful after I pull them out of the washer. The cyle will just stop in the middle leaving my clothes to rot in water. The dryer takes 2 cycles to run one small load. I am livid about such an expense purchase that I hoped would last me 10-12 years.

  37. Iam very unhappy with my MAH-5500 BWW purchased 10-15-01 have had the repairman out at least eight times nad it still is not fixed

    the last six min of the spinn cycle the washer

    makes a very loud noise and fiburate moving arrroun on the floor.The first service call was 4 to 6 months after purchase. he has given up says it cant be repaired I am very unhappy with maytag

  38. My husband bought my Neptune washer/dryer back in 2000 when we bought a new house as a surprise for me. As usual, he purchased what he thought was the best out there and paid nearly 2 grand at Sears. Since practically day one I have had problems with this washer and have called customer service at Maytag who have shined it off as being problems related to: my laundry detergent (no.), my water type (no), too many clothes (no), water temp. (no),- in other words any excuse under the sun. To make a long frustrating story short, I have had my washer serviced 2X for mold and odor-boot replaced, they still can’t figure out why the cycle gets interrupted in the middle of a wash and reverts to the beginning, why the door locks and won’t open at all at times, and where the darn smell is coming from. The smell is coming from the Maytag company itself and I want a complete refund for both my washer and dryer which is also getting a second service call for weak performance. I will never buy Maytag again.

  39. Ron Shirk says:

    Received the class action letter after the August 9th cut off date. Just found out about the mold and we have it big time. Thanks to a late notification, we’re out of luck. Leave it to the lawyers.

    In all, it’s been trouble free, but now the mold has surfaced and can’t do anything about it. The letter was a waste of postage.

  40. Please don’t sue me…

  41. Please don’t sue me…

  42. We bought our Neptune W/D in spring of 1998. Within a few weeks I was on the phone with Maytag complaining about the washer not spinning properly, 6 bath towels and they would come out dripping. Of course that was my fault as the load was too heavy. Keep in mind the towels were a couple years old. Thru the years we have had this problem continually. It only takes about 3 hours to do one load as we have to keep running the spin cycle over and over. Jan of ’04 we started with the water not spinning out at all. Called a repair man and yup, you guessed it, it was my fault for too much soap. Well he tried to fix it and the problem never really cleared up, just kept running the spin cylce over and over again. Within a week the repair man was called back for the same problem and he removed some sort of little back flow preventer valve and said that would solve that problem. Well not really, the water still would not spin out. Of course the washer is out of warranty and we can in no way afford to keep paying the darn repair bills. It is good thing my husband and son are mechanics and know what they are doing. This past week I had a load of 7 pair of mens tube socks and about 8 pair of underwear and the machine did not spin the water out. So burnt to the core, I finally called Maytag and yup you guessed it again, got the run around. This time it was my fault for a load that was TOO SMALL. At this point I used language that I normally would not use. Like everyone else I will NEVER BUY ANOTHER MAYTAG PRODUCT!!!!!!! The lawsuit I feel is trying to be settled by lawyers provided through Maytag and by Maytag. As the consumer I do not feel that our best interest is being considered. I feel Maytag should be replacing every Neptune that was ever put on the market with any machine that the customer wants. When in business and there are this many problems it is not the customers fault or the dealers fault, it is Maytags fault and they should handle it properly. Maybe everyone should get together and file a law suit not only against Maytag but the lawyers as well who are not standing up for the people who have purchased the bad Maytag products.

  43. Pat says:

    I just downloaded the claim form and the cutoff date is August 9th, <b>2005</b>, not 2004.

  44. I have notice that my clothes smell terrible, they feel like they haven’t been washed, all my clothes in 33 years that I have been washing clothes in my home, they have never been this bad, I am having to go and buy new sheets because they smell I can not stand them, and my sheets are only 1 year old. I have own my Maytag Neptune machines now for 1 year. I also notice that my electricity bill has gone up, I may be saving in water but I feel that if I put to much clothes into the washer the clothes don’t washed good, therefore I am having to do more loads.

  45. Purchased a Maytag washer about 4 years ago, since that time its be serviced two times, one for the door not unlocking and the second time the computer board was replaced, and as I write this letter Im waiting for a repair man to respond to fix it again, and I think its the computer board again. I will never buy a Maytag again and will discourage anyone wanting to buy one. I paid $1000.00 for this washer and I expected better. I owned a whrilpool washer before this one and only paid about $400.00 for it and only had it repaired once and it lasted 8 years before my wife talked me into the maytag. I should have stayed with whrilpool.

  46. Kathy Sankey says:

    I also got my claim form too late. Not that it would do me a whole lot of good.

    I bought my Maytag stackable and started having problems almost immediately. I had previously owned a maytag washer for 20+ years and never had to get it repaired. Not even a belt replaced. I loved that machine!

    I went out and bought an expense stackable, water saving piece of crap to save space and energy.

    My problem is I’ve taken the space that the two units took in my laundry room and converted it into a 2nd bathroom. I don’t have the option to own anything but a stackable washer and dryer.

    Has anyone opted out of this class action suit and waiting to file a better one? For those of us who own stackables giving as a purchase certificate for a front loading machine is not going to cut it. I think it might be best to opt out. What can we lose since the options for this current claim are not going to help. If you plan on opting out the deadline is early November.

  47. Kevin Mulvey says:

    Our Neptune washer was not wringing out the wash. The repairman showed me where the board had burnt out and ewxplained that it would be $450 to repair it but suggested that we go buy a Whirlpool. He told me aboul the class action suit and mentioned that there was aother board in the Neptune that would probably burn out within a year or two if I replaced the board. What has happened to Maytag Quality?

  48. Rodney says:

    My Neptune is from ’99 It has broken down 4 times every part in it has been replaced including the big drum…This product is a PIECE-O-SHIT and smells like one!!

  49. Fred says:

    My wife never swore a day in her life. That’s all changed since I bought her a Maytag Neptune STINKO-O-MATIC washer/dryer. Now even the dog avoids her on laundry day.

  50. We bought our neptune washer and dryer in may of 2002 when we purchased a new home. At the time we thought we were buying top of the line.

    The washer finally quite working last week when a message came on the screen telling me to

    call customer service. I called the repairman and he never bothered to tell me of any class action lawsuit that was in the process. The motor board needs to be replaced and he stated that my washer is probley no longer in warranty. I will call Maytag in the am, also i have noticed a strong smell and mold on the gasket inside the door. What else is new. My only hope is that maytag will pay for all the expense to get this washer fixed.

  51. Viola says:

    Well…….WE bought a Maytag Neptune front-loader from Home Depot only 7 months ago. Last week the washer filled up ENTIRELY with water, and the door blew and flooded my hardwood floors. I called the Maytag 800 # and informed them that I had a Neptune washer which offered "Priority Service" (which means 24-48 hours) and was told they could have a serviceman here within 2-3 weeks! I was burning mad and called Corporate. Fianlly got a serviceman out within 2 days, and was told my water valve "filled up with junk." I don’t believe him…I think it was a faulty water valve, because I unscrewed the hoses at the back of the washer and there was NO "junk" in the screens.

    So far, no mold problems on mine. I’m HOPING they SOLVED this problem with my model. I guess we’ll see.

    Now I’m afraid the washer is going to fill up with water again, so every time I run a load, I stand there and make sure it doesn’t. What a pain.

  52. Mel says:

    I bought an MAH5500 in 4/03. I have loved my machine. I have not had any problems with it, but I must say… I replaced a 15 yr old Kenmore, (that was still working) with this one… I have ALWAYS left the door open after every load. With the old washer, and this one. I do NOT get mold or musty smells, and you should smell the water from the faucet, you would think there would be problems just from that!

    I received the claim form in the mail, and was suprised. I want to make sure that I don’t have something come up in the future, and wish that I had pursued the suit. Anyone else have any thought on that…?

  53. jerry says:

    Our Neptune just died, it will not spin and its full of water at the end of the cycle. 4 years old and no help from the factory, some one said 5 year warranty, Maytag says they can’t help. And of course had a problem with mold from the start.

  54. I too purchased the Neptune after doing rigorous research about the washer. The machine was purchased in 1999. I even shared my delight with the machine to various family members who also purchase the same machine. Imagine, 4 sisters all buying the same machine! All 4 have mold problems. I have had more problems than my sisters. The door latch problem, the mother board burning out as a result, and all with a cost. I did contact Maytag because of course nothing is free and expressed my concern that service charges were more than the cost of a new machine. Maytag at that time (2 years ago) reduced my parts costs. One of my sisters has had the seal replaced several times, always resulting in mold problems. I have resorted to leaving the light burned out on the machine and leaving the door sit open. That only works for me because my machine sits in my basement laundry room and the world does not walk past it on a regular basis. Two of my sisters are not as fortunate since their machines are in their back entrance rooms. I have not called Maytag to see if they can replace the seal again to get rid of the mold but then, my seal is nothing like my sisters. Consider the hazard mold presents when there are those who are alergic to mold. I have used hot water as well as warm so the comment about this being a problem for Cold water usage is not a good statement.

  55. Tim says:

    This settlement is not fair and I plan to file an objection for a new replacement or cash certificate for washer of choice.

  56. Mr. Maytaged says:

    OK… can anyone beat this! I’ve got all the mold problems AND after the Mr. Maytag came for one of his visits he didn’t replace a hose properly I guess and… you got it… the washer located on the second floor flooded my house! Oh such a grand time! All this much fun for only $2000.00!!

    Woooo Hoooo!

  57. I have been having problems with my washer and I just found this web sight. How can I get more information on this lawsuit? I have water in the washer all of the time, the water leaks our of the washer, and now it does not want to go through the spin cycle. Also my cloths have been smelling bad and I thought it was just the water here because we just moved to Georgia. Well after reading this I now think it is the washer. E-mail me back at Thanks for any help you can offer.

  58. Dale Nagel says:

    We to purchased a Neptune and had the odor problem which Maytag took care of. The class action lawsuit arrived in the mail and would you believe three days later the wax seal burned out our electical board. I do not like to think of buying a top load and a different style than my dryer, but will wait and see what happens.

    D. Nagel

  59. mcfriendly says:

    I will never EVER purchase another Maytag product and strongly advice others the same.

    Our Neptune washer gave the LR error.

    We called the "Maytag Service Company of St. Louis" and they came out and made the repair for $328.00.

    We had an extended warranty with GE and they even offered to PAY for our service call. HOWEVER, when we called the MAYTAG company both nationally and local neither would accept the GE voucher for repair.

    IT SEEMS that unless you do business with MAYTAG DIRECT (not a "Maytag" authorized repair independent vendor) they will do nothing for you.

    SAD – I am now filling for the class action settlement.

  60. Frank says:

    What a piece of Junk! I’m stuck with a stinking MAH5500BWW. Bought it on 4/2/2004 what luck. It seems the only way to repay Maytag for this fine product is to get the word out in as many forroms as possable. Hey I’m the same guy that bought Firestone tires!

  61. Linda says:

    I just learned of this lawsuit through my Maytag repairman when he came out to fix several of my appliances including my washer. He showed me the mold. I haven’t received anything in the mail regarding this lawsuit. How can I learn more about this and who to contact?

  62. BETTYE says:

    I bought a maytag neptune in 2001.

    iI did’t have any problems until about 2 week ago. My husband did say the clothes had a funny smell.

    last week the washer died with a full load of wet very wet clothes.

    I called sears (where I bought the washer) the service call is $56.00 the parts might be under warranty but maybe not. I called a friend who has a appliance repair business. he said the labor only would be about $200.00.

    I decided to buy a new washer and not have this junk repaired so I bought a wirlpool top load for about $400.00. I did not want another Maytag on any kind, probably won’t get anything out of Maytag, but will tell everyone who will listen NO TO BUY A MAYTAG

  63. Maria says:

    Does anyone have information concerning whether or not one can get a settlement on a Maytag washer purchased about 2 years ago where the product information was not mailed into the Maytag company. We have been told that customers are getting $800.00 back on Maytag washer purchases. We purchased our Maytag at Sears. Please email me at: Thanks,

  64. Vivian says:

    I have a Calypso…two or three years old. I have been trying to get it fixed since May. I still have water on the floor and black marks on my clothes. The repairman comes on a weekly basis, he must make the trip and from here call the Whirlpool tech who then tells him what to do next. Is there a class action on the Calypso Washers too?

  65. Diane says:

    We purchased Neptune washer and dryer in 1999. Have had mold problem and various other repairs. Within the last year, when the machine goes thru a spin cycle, it sounds like a freight train coming through the house! Called Maytag to repair ($110 service call) to find out that the parts required to fix this problem would be an additional $315.00. At the time, I opted not to repair since total bill was half the price of a new machine. Yesterday, my machine won’t spin and clothes are soaking wet at end of wash cycle. I NOW find out it is because of the $315 bearing I should have replaced! I blame the repairman for not telling me that this problem would lead to other problems that make the machine inoperable.

    What good is this lawsuit when I need to purchase a machine NOW!

    I’ll never buy a Maytag again!!

  66. JR says:

    I purchased a Neptune washer /dryer combo in ’98 and the wax motor failer within a couple of months. Maytag sent a repairman under warranty. I purchased the Maytag Extended warranty for two years and Maytag never alerted me of the retrofit kit, to stop the smell coming from it. The motor control board failed 3 months ago and Maytag finally agreed to furnish the parts and I paid the $154.00 Labor charge. It did much better after the retrofit, but the wax motor on the door lock failed last night and took out the triac on the "motherboard". I have bypassed the door lock so it will spin, but the door lock circuit has to de-energize to complete the cycle and shut down. It now runs all the way through the cycle but remains energized in the off position until you open the door.

    I am very unhappy with Maytag and sad to see what was a really good company go down-the-tube because of bad management.


  67. cathy says:

    I called the phone number for the class action lawsuit and complained that it’s not fair for Maytag to replace our front-loading Neptune with a top-loading washing machine. I also said I would prefer a full refund to buy a product other than Maytag. If you write to complain by November 5, 2004 it will be presented to the judge. If enough people write to complain it may mean we’ll get a front-loader or a refund. Here’s what you have to do and you must follow all the steps:

    1) Give the full name of the lawsuit: MINK vs. MAYTAG CORPORATION CIVIL ACTION #03L47

    2) Attach proof of purchase

    3) Give a statement…give your complaint (why your’re writing)

    4) Tell them whether or not you or your

    lawyer will appear in court. I

    wrote: "Neither my lawyer nor I

    will appear in court."

    5) Send it to these three addresses:

    Joseph P. Danis

    Carey & Danis, LLC

    8235 Forsyth Blvd

    Suite 1100

    St. Louis, Missouri 63105

    John R. Doyle

    Elizabeth B. Herrington

    McDermott, Will & Emery, LLP

    227 West Monroe St

    Chicago, Illinois 60609

    The Clerk of Court

    Circuit Court for the 20th Circuit

    St. Clair County

    10 Public Square

    Bellevelle, Illinois 62220

    Please write as soon as possible. It will have an impact. I was told 1.5 million have been affected by the mold/mildew problem. This class action lawsuit proves that Maytag knew it had a defective machine. They have been rude and unresponsive. If they had done the right thing in the first place there wouldn’t be a lawsuit. I’ll never buy another Maytag product.


  68. Cathy says:

    Hi. I wrote the comment on how to object to the replacement of our Neptune front-loading machine with a top-loading machine and who to write to. I forgot to leave my e-mail address. It’s Thanks.

  69. My Neptune washer is 5 years old, and the only service call (so far) has been to replace the rubber gasket which held water – the new one has a hole in it for drainage. However, I was experiencing ODOR problems. When I called the "hot line" I was told it was because I was using liquid detergent which contains animal fat. Since I started using powder (Tide makes an HE product (high efficiency), I no longer have the odor problem. So far my door is holding, but I’m just waiting for it to burst open one day, spewing water and suds all over the floor.

  70. Angelo says:

    I just came home from BEST BUY and ordered the TOP LOADING NEPTUNE FAV6800A

    Does anyone have this model? I am having second thoughts after reading all of these problems!

  71. Felix says:

    Does anyone have any idea how long it will take before we hear form Maytag? I really hate, but need a New Washer to go out and buy another.

  72. Debbie says:

    I’m not sure if any of you out there have received a notice in the mail from the State of Illinois 20th Judicial circuit Court – st. Clair County, Illinois.

    I received it (notice from Maytage-saying if I fill out this form which is a settlement which resolved a lawsuit over certain "alleged problems" (jokers!)I must have it back by Nov.8, 2004 to let them know if I wish to be included in Maytag’s settlement in the Neptune-it also includes the stackables. Maytag says it will not admit to it’s product being "defective"/ So smuch double talk here. If you didn’t get your letter then you better write quickly to the Maytag Neptune Claims Administrator- phone number is 1-866-288-0515. You can also go to the website someone mentioned before to get a claim form . I am a single motheer and I bought my machine in 1998. Everything you can imagine can go wrong on it has had to be replaced at my expense. I am presently gagging on the smell of bleach and dishwasher detergent that I am running through the maching with hot water-no clothes that suppposedly was supposed to have been done once a week since I bought the maching to kill the mold. I did it once and noticed no difference. But my clothes- washclothes are the worst- smell so bad that I actually went to the laundry mat last week to wash clothes. Thank the good lord that I don’t have a Maytag dryer. Good luck. I heard that by a certain date all washers would have to be front-loaders. I hope not. I have to prewash most of my clothes by hand in the sink before I put them in the washer. It is a joke.

  73. Louise says:

    I was totally frustrated when the mold, mildew and odor started forming in my washer; but was really upset when the board went out right after the warranty expired and cost me almost $400 to replace. The repairman told me that they just so happened to put one (board) on his truck when he came to my house. He said, "what does that tell you, when they put $400 parts on the truck they know what the problem will be. I did not even report the mold, mildew and odor problem because I figured there was nothing they could do to stop it. Even if they replace the rubber seal, the new one will do the same thing as long as the water is staying in the bottom of it. I am thoroughly disappointed since these washers cost so much, you’d expect them to last many years. I would like to have a new top-loading machine instea

  74. I bought my Maytag set Summer of 1998, I’ve had two service calls. Mold on the door gasket, replaced 12/18/2001, it needs to be replaced again, but don’t know if I should since hearing of the class action lawsuit. My clothes don’t come clean and my whites turn dingy gray in no time. At first I thought maybe it’s the detergent so I switched to Tide HE, that didn’t help, but you know it is right in the manual that you don’t have to use an HE product to get clean clothes. On 12/03/03 I had the motor controller replaced. I am very unhappy with my neptune set. I will be sending a letter to the above address that Cathy( suplied for us, thank you Cathy sure hope they are flooded with letters of protest!!! I do not want to own anther Maytag for as long as I live!!!

  75. Celia says:

    Our Neptune front loader is about 7 years old. We will not get much from the lawsuit. Other then all the mold, it still runs well. Has anyone tried anything to get rid of the mold that works?

  76. kevin says:

    What a piece of crap! We spent a lot of money for what we thought was the best washer we could get. Were we ever surprised1 It did not take long for the mold to show up. When I called Maytag for the part that the technician said would fix this I go the run- around for TWO HOURS on the phone. The people I spoke with just kept sending me to someine else where I had to wait on hold for up to one half hour – three times they just hung up and I kept calling back. They still would not replace the part!! So far we have replaced the mother board and as I write this a technician is downstairs trying to fix the spinner from the rear of the tub because the bolts sheared off and the machine alomst shook itself apart when it was spinning. This is the third visit from the technician in the last week. The other two times they came without the needed parts. We also have the matching dryer which now needs work. These machines are only five years old and there are only two people in this house. I will never ever but naything from Maytag again. I will also tell anyone I know who is thinking about buying an appliance not to buy anything from maytag!

  77. John S says:

    I have received my claim form for a class action suit, but it is from Novato CA.

    Same problems as others. Mold/mildew that Maytag happily took care of, but it still is there. Wife uses TILEX Mildew regularly on the seal. Door latch and wax motor went. Sears came out,as Maytag would do nothing. Parts were identified, Paid service call, ordered parts and replaced myself. Still will not buy another Maytag washer.

  78. I purchased a Maytag Neptune front loader in Sept 1999. We immediately noticed the mildew odor that started almost within a month of purchase. Calls to the Customer Service people told us to be sure to completely wipe the accumulated water from the lower door seal area and use a little bleach occasionally. After 2 1/2 years of this, my son who also owns a Neptune, mentioned that Maytag was replacing the front door locks, gaskets, and circuit boards free of charge. I called and within a week they shipped all the parts and I scheduled service. The machine (knock on wood) has been running beautifully since 2002.

  79. alisa evans says:

    This is the second Neptune in a year. First one was leaving bleach on clothes I had not intended to bleach. I was told that I did not know how to do laundry that I must bleach at the end of the day so it can evaporate from dispenser. Still had bleach problems. Best Buy replaced last February and I am now having the mold problem. I am also having problems with yellow patches on my clothes. Has anybody else experienced this problem?

  80. Laurie says:

    Does anyone have an e-mail address and/or phone number(other than the 800 #) to write a complaint about the treatment and lack of customer service that Maytag is providing. After holding close to 51 min., then 48 min., finally 23 mins. I’m told they can’t answer questions regarding the lawsuit, but should call the 3rd party rep. or for immediate assistance, go to the web site. Ha! immediate? How about Ralph Hake’s home phone. He can go to the laundry mat this week for me to wash the clothes.

  81. vicki says:

    Laurie, perhaps check the website and complain thru thier customer service link to complain about the service you got……..

    And Alisa, I don’t have yellow spots but i have black spots all over my clothes when i do a cold load. I’m wondering if this is a problem from the mold. And also, like many other people on this board, I had to have my motherboard replaced 2 weeks after i purchased my neptune washer! ……i freaked and told them to give me a brand new washer and maytag did……but now the black spot problem…..and i have had problems with smell, but i just assumed that my old dryer wasn’t drying my clothes quickly enough….i sure hope that everyone gets reimbursed fairly.

  82. We like the front load Maytag Neptune washer and were told the problems have been fixed in the new Neptunes. Is this true? I was told they changed the design by adding a small drain in the bottom of the door opening to allow water to escape, which keeps mold from developing. One other question is have they changed the motor so it doesn’t fry out? Are they OK now?

  83. Carolyn says:

    I also was suckered in by Maytag’s lonely repairman and the reputation they had for dependability.My Maytag Neptune set was purchased in 1999 at the tune of $1700.00 for the set. I wish that lonely repairman would find his way to my home and fix my Neptune front-loader as with all the same problems others have had I also have a rusty top where the soap goes, the moldly boot,and now I have a sheared bolt behind the drum and need tub assembly kit and support assembly kit as well. In the tune of another $500.00 Machine has been loud from day one only to be told each time I called Maytag that I just wasn’t used to the sound of a front-loader. They are like robot’s reading a script when you call them as they are so experienced at hearing this all before from thousands of dissatisfied consumers that they apparently know this script by heart.I want my money back not another Maytag that will be just another money pit!!! I for one hope a company that wants to make faulty products and soak the consumer ends up going out of business. Word of mouth goes a long way and I’m telling everyone I can how dissatified I have been with Maytag from there product, reliability, and the company refusal to stand behind their faulty product!

  84. Rick says:

    Just had my 7 year old Neptune serviced by Maytag after loosing the spin cycle during the weekend. They replaced the wax motor and circuit board, no charge. The tech says that moisture gets into the wax motor- this eventually blows resistor R11 in your control board and cuts off power to your door lock. The machine does not want to spin at high speed without the door locked. The new wax motor is sealed better and the board is an upgrade evidently.
    <br>Maytag referred me to the class claim web site when I brought up the issue mold however. ( The fix for the mold problem is a new boot that drains into the drum and a new inner panel for the door that has ventilation holes in it. (Just like you see on the new models!)
    <br>Bottom line at this point is that if your Neptune becomes inoperable, call Maytag (not a third party) to have it repaired. (See No. 8 in the FAQs section on the website). If you have mold issues, submit a settlement request.
    <br>I plan to try for the mold upgrades- a $200 discount on a new machine does not impress me. If they give me the certificate, I will likely do the upgrade myself.

  85. Kay says:

    We received the letter concerning the class action suit against Maytag a few weeks ago. We had purchased our Neptune Sept. 2003 and haven’t had any problems yet except I have noticed a small black area just inside the rim of the rubber gasket at the the front door area. I haven’t had any odor in our clothes but a few times it seems that the washer had a slight odor. Since we haven’t had to call anyone yet, we’re wondering what to do. The claim form seems to address problems involving service calls. Anyone else out there like us?

  86. Bruce says:

    To all of us Neptune Washer owners.

    As we are all finding out….Maytag has lost its credibility and will certainly give you the runaround before admitting fault. This class action suit is almost settled….and with most class action suits the lawyers will get most of the money, in this case i believe 8.2 million dollars while the owners will be alloted only 2 million…then its certificate time. What this means is that most of us who file for a claim will not get any money reimbursed but get a certificate to purchase a Maytag product within 2 years. Read the lawsuit very carefully. Since most of us are frustrated at the reponses we have been getting…and no longer feel maytag is dependable…you have only two choices. 1. submit your claim and get a purchase certificate or 2. opt out of this settlement and take Maytag to small claims court. I have chose to opt out of this settlement and take my chances on taking them to court. With all the proof I have from all of you, and all the problems I have had, I will take my chance and get them to reimburse me all the money I have spent and buy something other then a Maytag.

    Wish me luck.

  87. Sorry for you folks, presumbly all in US. We bought our MAH4000AWW in Oct’99. It had started to have mildew a long while ago which we curbed by leaving the door open after each wash. Finally, it wouldn’t spin a few weeks ago. It was, of course, very unacceptable, given Maytag’s name and the top dollars for the Neptune FL model. We called the "priority" number – likely the same one you all called – and got transferred to the Canada rep, who then directed us to a repair shop close to our area. In their first visit, the circuit board and the wax motor was replaced to fix the spin problem; in the second visit, the rubber assembly where the mildew occured was replaced and an assembly was added inside the door to enable water to drip out easier. In the repair process, you can see that they have good design to facilitate the repair; you can also see that the design paid attention to details – they have an anti-shocking devise inside the door (probably why the price was at a premium). The repair was covered under warranty, after almost 5 years. Do I have complaints at the end? I would have to thank the Canada rep, the repairman, and probably everyone here.

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