MSN Goes to .NET!!

It turns out that MSN just acquired Lookout. And Lookout is written in managed code. MSN is now using the .NET Framework!

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  1. John, from a service perspective, MSN has been chowing down on .NET/CLR dogfood since 1999/2000. At this point, the majority of MSN services, internal and external are written in managed code.

    For example the MSN.COM homepage (a custom HTTP module, written in C#) is possibly *the* most requested .NET hosted page on Earth.

    There are only a few corners of the empire that continue to use unmanaged code, most are legacy systems.

    Those that deliberately stay unmanaged have typically traded maintainability against performance/cost requirements that extreme scale generates. (1,000’s of requests per second!) e.g. Hotmail Inbox where the 5-15% performance difference could equate to 100’s of extra machines required.

  2. I meant .NET on the client, but thanks for the clarification.

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