Off to Hotlanta

Every year Microsoft has its sales and technical conference (called MGB for Microsoft Global Briefing, I think) for Microsoft employees. It lasts around 10 days all told (both the sales/marketing and technical parts put together) and, in theory at least, it tells our field everything they need to know for the upcoming fiscal year. It seems they always pick some place that will be ungodly hot for this July event. The last couple of years, it was in New Orleans. This year, Atlanta. It's 90 in Atlanta. That's beyond comfortably warm. That's just hot.

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  1. Ryan Cromwell says:

    Humidity makes you strong – puts hair on your chest.

    I remember stepping off the plane in Ohio after returning from my first trip past Illinois (I’m sheltered – I know) and feeling like I had just walked into a sauna. It’s crazy, the difference humidity can make.

  2. codermonkey says:

    You get used to it if you grew up here, but yeah, Atlanta is like Africa-hot lately. Last night I was walking down Peachtree St at 10:30pm and thought I was sweating like a pig.

  3. Last night after I arrived, I actually turned off the air conditioning in my room and opened the door onto the balcony. It was a beautiful, balmy night. What I find so hard is that it’s pleasant outside and highly air-conditioned inside.

    In all, I’d rather be too hot than too cold.

  4. Pam says:

    When did you think conference venues were cheapest? The last last-but-one ICWES (International Conference of Womren Engineers and Scientists) was in Japan in August at molten lead temperatures, and next year we get to see how much cooler Korea is.

  5. Courtney says:

    1) Its so hot in Atlanta proper because you are standing on concrete.

    2) Want to make someone actually from atlanta blood boil? Say the lame phrase ‘Hotlanta’.

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