What do we call ClickOnce?

Right now, ClickOnce is a code name. We need a real name. What should it be?

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  1. As long as it’s less confusing as ‘.NET’ you’ll be on to a winner…Something which reenforces the security aspects of this method would certainly be useful…

  2. GoodSamaritan says:

    Having Java WebStart already taken, let’s try:

    NetStart – WebStart

    NetClick – WebClick

    NetLoad – WebLoad

    NetRun – WebRun

    NetApp – WebApp

    NetLink – WebLink

    NetLaunch – WebLaunch

    NetGo – WebGo

    donations welcome ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Jared Andersen says:

    I think "ClickOnce" captures the essence of the feature pretty well – a simple, secure app deployment. Why change it? I’ve seen to many Microsoft feature names like "Microsoft Windows Application Deployment Framework (MSWADF)" in my day.

    I know a name like "ClickOnce" sounds more like something from Apple’s branding conventions – but I think that’s one thing Apple gets right. Their product/feature names are clear, exciting, and easy to remember. I’m tempted to say the same thing about Avalon, Indigo, and WinFS.

  4. xcopy.net

    or smart.net (it is going to be used mostly for smart clients)



    be carefull


    is already registered !

  5. denny says:

    Click To Run

    Click and Run

    Click and Go

    Better Setup

    Click and Ready

  6. Aaron A. Anderson says:

    My vote is to keep it ClickOnce

  7. One Step Install says:

    I think it should called One Step Install

  8. Robert Washington says:

    I think it should called One Step Install

  9. Ken Hirsch says:

    How about tarconfiguremakemakeinstall.net?

  10. So far, I’m liking "tarconfiguremakeinstall .NET" ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Brendan says:


    After all… you’ll need to click on a link of some kind of installing from the web, then after that some sort of โ€œWhat do you want to do with this file?โ€ prompt… Open.

  12. Coding Dog says:

    I believe that there is enough thoughts behind ClickOnce. So do not change it. But if there is really need to change that then…

    Something I feel might be good alternative is:



    Smartstart (YES)


    SmartClick (YES)

    ClickSet (YES)

    ClickFit (YES)

    Clicklet (WHY NOT)



    Oneclick (YES)

    (ok. credits belongs to me LOL)

  13. Coding Dog says:

    Little more…




    OneStart (nice?)

  14. Steve Hall says:

    ClickOnce is just fine as it is…

    But if you simply MUST change it, the only notion that "ClickOnce" doesn’t connote is that of "deployment". Hence, how about:





  15. Luap says:



    Click.Deploy <– It’s an "Oh, I get it!" name

  16. Drew says:

    "Secure" is a buzzword at the moment. Maybe it should be in the name.

    I’m against "deploy" because I don’t think it will be meaningful to end-users. "Install" is definitely something my parents (one a techie; the other not) would both understand.

    I’ll also vote against any meaningless, unpronouncable string of letters like "NGSCB".

  17. Adam says:

    ClickOnce always undersold what you could do with the ClickOnce technologies. It is clearly capable and intended for more than just web deployment.

    The new name should describe it as an install or application management scheme rather than include the verb click.

    how about ‘Managed Install Framework’ or Manifested Install.

  18. Either "ClickOnce" or "The Deploymentinator"

  19. Stephane Rodriguez says:

    Since ClickOnce is wondows-.NET-only, requires server manifest files, I believe the only way not to sell a technology on false claims is to name it with a Win prefix or suffix. So far, WinInstallerLight matches everything.

  20. I think ClickOnce is fine. It’s been used as codename so long, trying to find a good new name will be hard. Also ClickOnce is fast to pronounce.

  21. Robert Björn says:

    Among all the names suggested here so far, I think ClickOnce is still by far the best.

  22. I love these ideas (both serious ones and humorous ones)!! Thanks for taking the time to do this.

    What I’m getting off this thread is what I thought: ClickOnce is a good name (and kudos to Brendon who thought up "ClickTwice" — where were you to ground my enthusiasm when I was naming "no touch deployment"? :-)).

    I’ll go back and push to keep the name the same.



  23. I agree that ClickOnce doesn’t really tell you what it does and is really ClickTwice. Also it could be mistankenly interpreted as the opposite of double-click.

    In additon please note that there is already a technology called "One-Click Install" which was created (and probably registered as trademark) by InstallShield a couple of years ago.

    Therefore I vote for a new name, although I don’t have better suggestions than those already listed.

  24. Daren says:





  25. Kevin Clary says:

    Another vote to keep the name the same!

  26. I think it really depends on the audience you’re going for. If you’re thinking primarilly about the VB crowd, then maybe "Clicking4Fun", to piggy-back off an existing brand (http://msdn.microsoft.com/vbasic/using/columns/code4fun/default.aspx)

    If you’re really going after the C# crowd, then you need something far more serious sounding, like "Enterprise Installation Framework".

    If the C++ crowd is really the target, then I’m thinking "It Just Installs (IJI)".

    If you want to use it to evangelize .NET to the Java community. In that case how about "Click it, you just might like it", or maybe "Just click it!" If you really want Java developers to use it, have the links show up as "101 Reasons Why Java is Better Than .NET", just make sure you’ve tested for scalability.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t Amazon.com have bagsies on "ClickOnce" or "One Click" or something…?

  28. Colin says:







  29. Jay says:

    It should be a non-word like "Xlamf" to slow the rate at which the entire language is disappearing into corporate lawyer land.

    If that is too optimistic, then at least please run it together with an existing unique identifier "Instant.NET" (as suggested above) or "MSClickOnce"

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