What Is In a Name?

I've been wondering for a while about brands. It wasn't until last night I realized this meant I'd turned into a marketing person quietly over the last couple of years. But that's another matter.

I look at Visual Studio, and I think to myself “productive collection.” I look at “Visual Basic Standard” and I hear “productive accessible workhorse” tools. So to me, Visual means “productive.” What does Visual mean to you? What should it mean?

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  1. to me, "Visual" means "drag and drop".

  2. pl says:

    Personally, I find it pretty bizzare that Microsoft names all their development tools ‘Visual’. It’s like the most important thing about them is the resource editor.

  3. AndrewSeven says:

    Definitely in marketing 8|

    In the MS context it seems to mean an IDE where you don’t have to use command line for everything; you can click visualy identifiable elements.

    To know what Visual means, consult a dictionary.


    When I see or say "Visual Basic Standard", I think (am thinking) "mort" or worse 😉

  4. "Visual" to me means manipulation of graphical elements a la Visio, UML tools, Quark (er… Publisher), etc. In VS, I think it all boils down to the legacy of "Visual Basic." As far as branding goes, "Visual Basic" was the home-run: it captured what was new and different about the product (the visual designer being such a dramatic thing in 91) and "vee-bee" comes trippingly off the tongue.

  5. Chris Kinsman says:

    Means designers to me. i.e. form designers, etc.

  6. So what do you all think "Basic" means?

  7. a.c. says:

    > So what do you all think "Basic" means?

    The difficulty or unwillingness to use a character instead of long keyword ( { vs "begin" )

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