Seamless Shelves

My wife has an art studio downtown and she wanted some shelves. She wanted them to appear just to hang off the wall, to be very, very long, and to support about 40 pounds per lineal foot. Of course, the first thing I had to do was to buy a new table saw, so I asked my friend Philip DesAutels (who is studying at the North Bennet Street School in Boston) what table saw to get and he pointed me at the left-tilting, 240V, 10” Grizzly table saw which I bought and which I love). So I built the shelves -- about 50 lineal feet of what are basically boxes meant to be mounted to the wall using 2x2 furring strips.

Originally, I planned to mount the furring strips to the wall using 3-inch screws. I built a test shelf and mounted it to a set of studs with four screws. When I applied 40 lbs to the shelf, it bent heavily. Eight screws, and it bent somewhat. To actually mount it to the wall, I think I'm going to have to use 6” lag bolts into the studs.

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  1. dh says:

    You know, <$1000 for a Cabinet (as opposed to a Bench or Contractor’s) saw ain’t too bad. Enjoy it. I wondered if Grizzly equipment was any good or not.

  2. I looked at Powermatic, Jet, and Delta cabinet saws. This was not only a good price, a rumor told me that Powermatic and Jet manufacture off the same production line in China. I don’t know if it’s true. But at this point, I’d say that the price/performance on this saw is excellent. I need to tune it a bit, but generally it has been rock solid.

  3. dh says:

    Powermatic and Jet tools are listed in the same catalog, so it wouldn’t surprise me. I went with a Delta Contractor’s saw – they had a nice deal that came with a Biesemeyer fence. Couldn’t resist that.

    Enjoy and be safe.

  4. The one down side I’ve noticed of the Grizzly was that it came with a Shop Fox fence instead of the Biesemeyer. Shop Fox is good, but still has some oddities I have to get used to.

  5. John's wife says:

    The lag bolts worked. The shelves are just what I wanted. I love you.

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