The Cable Man Cometh

Today, I got High-Definition cable. This is after my Christmas present to myself of a 43-inch high-def-capable Samsung DLP projection TV. I just have to say that HD is amazing -- when the cable guy turned on ESPN-D to an NBA game, I was amazed.

That said, why is it that the cable company asks for a four-hour window when they know darn well they'll show up in the last 15 mintues?

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  1. Chuck Humble says:

    Great move. I got the 50" DLP about two months ago. As they say, HD changes everything. It truly is amazing. I watch stuff that I wouldn’t otherwise watch just because it’s so f’ing good. I’ve also noticed a ton of different in the sound quality. The DLP technology is the most interesting IMO. Also fueling my appetite for other AV gear. My only gripe is Comcast’s limited HD offering in my service area and the fact that a lot of stuff isn’t broadcast in the highest resolution. Now to find the time to ejoy all the content. . .

  2. Mario Goebbels says:

    Heh. We got the first HDTV channel in Europe only beginning this year, and it’s only a test channel that broadcasts a few hours a day. Ain’t that great? And don’t even talk about the prices on HDTV equipment? You can get a small car for the price a HDTV costs here.

  3. That’s OK: Europe will have 3G well before the US will. 🙂

  4. Dennis Bye says:

    Have you thought about DIRECTV HD? They just announced w/ Tivo a new HD DVR:

    Amazing that recording HD takes 7X more space (30 hours vs. 200 hours) on the Tivo. I think they’re also building broadcast HD tuners into the box so you can record network HD broadcasts that DIRECTV doesn’t carry.

  5. Mario Goebbels says:

    Well, who’ll care about 3G if they’re charging insanely high prices? Also, I need a celly to make phonecalls, not to surf the web in 160×120 or watch crappy stamp-size videos on it 🙂

  6. I think my next purchase will be a Windows XP Media Center Edition, actually, not a Tivo.

  7. Eric Wilson says:

    The only reasons I have come up with for the Cable Company’s 4 hour ranges is as follows:

    1) All cable companies are owned by the devil.

    2) They are secretly selling all your unused time on the black market to people who cannot afford to sit at home waiting 4 hours.

  8. Kevin Cook says:

    Sorry…I posted my comment to the wrong blog entry…should have been posted to the entry about outlook plug-ins.

  9. redvamp128 says:

    Timing of The Cable Man and why it takes so long. (This is just some ideas) (footnotes-Joke) (time it takes) [time total]

    1. First the person taking the call has to take the time to type it up. (0:15) [0:15]

    2. Then they have to lookup directions (Mapquest or some other form of directions) (0:15) [0:30]

    3. Then they have to verify your credit to see if you paid ontime. (0:40) [1:10]

    4. Then the person has to read who is avaible for the time frame they qouted you. (0:15) [1:25]

    5. The call is made to the pager for the cable guy. (0:05) [1:30]

    6. Response time from the cable guy paged to call back. (0:30) [2:00]

    7. Idle chat. (0:20) [2:20]

    8. Travel time to pickup order and maps. (0:30) [2:50]

    9. Pickup order get coffee and break. (0:20) [3:20]

    10. Gas up Truck. (0:15) [3:35]

    11. Time from gas station to your home. (0:10) [3:45]

    There it is a nutshell- (just kidding but could be?)

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