Old Car, New Mold

I have a 10-year-old Miata. After about eight years, the gasket around the driver’s side door began to leak when it rained. Annoying, but not fatal. Recently I’ve noticed a slightly musty smell when I get into the car in the morning. So what to do? Rather than fixing the gasket (which requires replacing the…


Having a Cup&#60T&#62

Jason Zander, the PUM of the common language runtime team, gave me a mug a couple of weeks ago. On one side, it says “.NET Generics.” On the other it says “Cup<T>.” Personally, I think this is hysterical. Even though I drink coffee.


Writing Secure Code

One of the things that my team is responsible for is helping developers understand the importance of writing secure code and how to do it. Rick Samona has joined my team and is working with security experts like Jeff Cooperstein and Michael Howard to begin the process of helping developers think more about security. We…


Thinking about Windows Forms and Avalon While on Vacation

While I was on vacation last week, I spent a lot of time thinking. Probably too much time. But one of the things I was thinking about was Windows Forms and Avalon. Earlier, I blogged the very high-level guidelines for how to choose what when. Clearly, I’ve gotten a ton of feedback on this. One…


Driven to Distraction

I was born and brought up in Boston and learned to drive there. To me, Boston-style driving is normal, despite what my wife says. It’s aggressive, sure, but it’s really very predictable. I’ve also lived in the California Bay Area and here in Seattle, so I’ve experienced many different ways of driving. California didn’t really…


Evaluating the i-mate SP3i Mobile Phone

About two weeks ago, Jonathan Wells loaned me an i-mate — one of the Windows Mobile-powered smartphones on the market. My previous phone — a Motorola flip-phone smart phone — had seen better days. It wasn’t that good as a phone — the radio seemed pretty weak relative to my other Motorola phone, but it…


Tools You Can’t Live Without

As I watch an old episode of “In a Fix” (one of those reality TV home improvement shows on TLC) and wish I were James Lundy or Andrew Dan Jumbo (actually on “While You Were Out”), I decided to help those among us who need to get their basic tools in line. Here are the…


Heading On Vacation

I’m off to Florida to ride roller coasters and generally ignore work for 10 days. See you later!


Windows Forms and Avalon Interop

Internally, the Avalon and Windows Forms teams have been kicking butt on getting interop working. Here’s a sample of the mail that’s going around (less the embedded images): We’ve been working hard with the Winforms team to design the next round of features to make Winforms-Avalon interop even better, but I’d like to take a…