Moving to Windows 7 RC1 – Upgrade or Clean Install?

As the very positive reviews for Windows 7 keep rolling in I’m finding more people wanting to test the waters by moving to Windows RC1 today.  The very first question I get is should I upgrade or should I do a clean install.  Here the official word form the the Windows 7 web site: Windows…


Cloud Camp DC Commercial and the Azure Lightning Talk

Last week Microsoft had the opportunity to attend and participate in Cloud Camp DC Commercial in Reston, VA.  This was a great opportunity to hear and learn from others in the community about their level of interest and early efforts to embrace cloud computing.  Positioned as a platform agnostic gathering for cloud enthusiast, the event…


Still on the Windows 7 Beta?

Still on the Windows 7 Beta?  You need to move to the RC and fast. Starting July 1st, the Beta will start to reboot every 2 hrs and expire Aug 1st.  Want to download the RC? . The RC download program closes August 15th. After that, you won’t be able to get the download, but…


4 New MSDN "How Do I" Video Series on Windows Azure and Live Services

4 new “How Do I” (HDI) videos are available for your online viewing.  These short 10- to 15-minute videos are designed to get you up to speed quickly by focusing on a specific task, topic or product.  If you are new to the “How Do I” series and wish to stay informed of new content…


Configure IE8 to Get the Total Bing Experience

Now that Bing has launched, you may wish to update your browser experience to fully take advantage of this awesome new search experience. Make Bing your default search provider To determine your current default provider select the drop down box located in the upper right corner of your IE browser window. To update to Bing,…


The User Experience Just Keeps Getting Better

A few posts pack, I wrote an opinion piece titled “Who are you calling Dull!?!”.  The motivation for this piece stemmed from a money article I read online shortly after earnings were announced where it was stated that, “Microsoft can’t point to anything in their mix of products that excites people right now”.  In the…


Microsoft Goes High Def with Zune HD and Redefines Search with Bing

Yesterday we announced the next version of the Zune device coming this fall. It’s a hot one – Zune HD! Check out some of the details at Those who own a Zune, including me and my family (we own 5), will never give it up except for a better Zune. Give it a look….


Save T&E By Getting The Most Out Of Live Meeting

As a down economy stretches everyone’s travel budgets, it is becoming increasingly more important that we take advantage of a variety of tools to connect online.  It is of no surprise that Microsoft uses Live Meeting extensively to connect with our customers and partners online and I’m sure many of you do the same. The…