Why [Insert Microsoft Product Technology Here]?

Customers and partners occasionally reach out to me for help locating information and data to support their efforts to assess product technology and market opportunity.  There’s really no secret formula for how I go about collecting this information and often times rely on the same resources that the general public has access to.  One of…


Configure IE8 to Get the Total Bing Experience

Now that Bing has launched, you may wish to update your browser experience to fully take advantage of this awesome new search experience. Make Bing your default search provider To determine your current default provider select the drop down box located in the upper right corner of your IE browser window. To update to Bing,…


Microsoft Goes High Def with Zune HD and Redefines Search with Bing

Yesterday we announced the next version of the Zune device coming this fall. It’s a hot one – Zune HD! Check out some of the details at http://zune.net/en-us/mp3players/zunehd/. Those who own a Zune, including me and my family (we own 5), will never give it up except for a better Zune. Give it a look….