US Developer and IT Pro Event Sites Re-launched!

The MSDN Events and TechNet Events landing pages now incorporate all US Developer and Platform Evangelism (DPE) technical audience events so customers and partners have a comprehensive view of local and national event offerings in their community. New to the sites’ functionality are zip code search pulling in all events in a 300 mile radius; Keyword/topic search; Microsoft Virtual earth with event locations plotted across the US; and an event video teaser. The sites also feature presenter bios, a customer poll, evangelist blog postings by state, an RSS feed and a US map graphic for quick event searches by region.


I really love the layout and simplicity of the site.  You can easily and quickly identify events in your area as well as Developer and IT Pro Evangelists.  At the present, the site does not capture and retain your zip code search criteria but hopefully we’ll see this in a future update.

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  1. AndyB says:

    First link is broken, should be…

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