Developer Excerpts from The Learning Curve Newsletter for Partners – 22Jun09

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Ramp Up: New Training Tracks for Developers

Announcing four new learning tracks for developers that can help you increase your skills to make you and your company more marketable: Web Development with ASP.NET, Move from ASP to ASP.NET, Move from PHP to ASP.NET, and Develop Windows Mobile 6 Applications.

Featured Training

Windows 7

Window 7 Partner Readiness Day (3 of 6): Windows 7 Professional Edition for Small and Medium Business (Sales, 1 hour)

Windows 7 Partner Training for Small and Medium Businesses (Sales & Technical, 1 hour)

Application Compatibility (1 of 3): Are You Breaking My Stuff Again? (Technical, 1 hour)

Application Compatibility (2 of 3): Project Best Practices (Technical, 1 hour)

Application Compatibility (3 of 3): Inside the Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.5 (Technical, 1 hour)

See our course listings for additional Windows 7 training.

Microsoft BizTalk Server 2009

Partnercast: Application Platform Optimization, Part 3—Service Oriented Architecture and Business Process (Sales, 12 minutes)

What’s New With BizTalk Server 2009 (Sales, 1 hour)

It Does Matter in the New Economy: Help Your Customers Get More out of Existing Systems with BizTalk (Sales, 1 hour)

BizTalk Goes Mobile (Sales, 1 hour)

TechNet Webcast: Building Lightweight Processes Using BizTalk Server 2009 and Enterprise Service Business 2.0 Toolkit, Level 300 (June 23, 1 hour)

TechNet Webcast: BizTalk Server 2009 Performance on Hyper-V and Physical Deployments, Level 300 (August 4, 1 hour)

See our course listings for additional BizTalk Server 2009 training.

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