The User Experience Just Keeps Getting Better

A few posts pack, I wrote an opinion piece titled “Who are you calling Dull!?!”.  The motivation for this piece stemmed from a money article I read online shortly after earnings were announced where it was stated that, “Microsoft can't point to anything in their mix of products that excites people right now”.  In the short 2 weeks since I posted this article, Microsoft has made several key product and technology announcements that has caught the attention of the industry further reinforcing my position that I believe this to be COOLEST, HIPPEST, SEXIEST time in our history to be working with technology and more specifically the technology Microsoft is creating to take our customers and partners to the next level.

When you get a chance check out these new and exciting products and technologies:

  • Zune HD - Next version of the Zune device with touchscreen HD radio, HD video out, wireless and web browser.  Coming to a store near you this fall!


  • Bing – An entirely new search experience that goes well beyond traditional means of finding information.  Bing it today at


See a video demonstration at

  • Xbox Project Natal – Revolutionary and innovative, controller-free gaming and entertainment.  You haven’t seen anything like this before!


The user experience just keeps getting better and better…

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