Save T&E By Getting The Most Out Of Live Meeting

As a down economy stretches everyone’s travel budgets, it is becoming increasingly more important that we take advantage of a variety of tools to connect online.  It is of no surprise that Microsoft uses Live Meeting extensively to connect with our customers and partners online and I’m sure many of you do the same.

The following 16 videos, available today on Community Clips, will help improve your overall experience with Live Meeting as you connect more often with us and your customers online.

1. How to use WebCam Video in a meeting

2. How to share your desktop in a meeting

3. Troubleshoot : Live Meeting 2007 Add-In toolbar doesn't show up in Outlook

4. Meeting Attendee : How to Join a Meeting

5. Meeting Presenter: How to manage Q & A feature

6. How to upload content in a meeting

7. Join Meeting Error : The meeting has not started yet OR The meeting has ended

8. Join Meeting Error : Unable to download or Page could not be opened or displayed

9. Steps to install the latest Windows Console for Live Meeting 2007

10. Meeting Presenter: How to use chat feature

11. Meeting Attendee: How to use handout feature

12. How to use Shared Notes feature in a meeting

13. How to use collaborative slide that help you collaborate with other attendees

14. Live Meeting 2007 Recording with Telephone Conferencing for Audio

15. How to manage participants in Live Meeting 2007

16. Live Meeting 2007 Address Books


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