Building an ALM Partner Practice

Visual Studio Team System

The following information, forwarded to me by a colleague (Thank You Tara Walker), provides references to ALM training and/or resources that will assist you in developing a Microsoft ALM partner practice.

Understanding Microsoft ALM Partnership

Understanding Microsoft ALM with VSTS/TFS

    1. 200-level training:
    2. 300-level training: Remember that it is really designed for a classroom setting with a trained trainer.  Please visit
      • Click on "My participation" on the left.
      • Login in with a valid Live Id (Passport)
      • Click on "Available connections" also on the left
      • Scroll to the bottom and click "apply" next to "Visual Team System Training Resources"

We are also in the process of uploading the 300 level content to the Partner Learning Center for Gold Partners and SIs.  Go to and order #5233 from the Training Content Catalog.

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  1. Nice job John!

    This is a fantastic reasource for ALM and I am digging right into it. 🙂


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