Silverlight Goes To Beijing

With 150-days to-go before the Olympics kick-off in Beijing, we had the opportunity to see an early preview of the site with Silverlight support.  One word to describe it, UNBELIEVABLE.  You will have the opportunity to view 35 sports and 2200 hours of content on line live for 17 days.  Throughout the Olympics, the content will be re-racked for VOD.  Here's a short list of some of the features you will experience on-line:

  • 4 streams of live video
  • Interactive, engaged, sports commentary and biographies of players, right along side the video
  • Discover information, see what other people are watching or look-up the top video of the moments today.
  • Picture-In-A-Picture online - so, so, cool, watch two events at the same time
  • Rewind and review the play you just missed
  • Email direct links to the clip you are viewing to share them with friends
  • And much more..

Mark your calendars, set a reminder, tie a sting around your finger, whatever it takes to check out this site during the Olympics.  You'll come away with a host of new ideas on how to create very cool, media enriched, interactive Silverlight applications to wow your customers moving forward.  And you may just find yourself watching the Olympics in front of your PC this year.

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