MIX08 The Next Web Now – Rock On

MIX08 is underway at the beautiful Venetian Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas and the buzz is in the air everywhere.  Ray Ozzie, Chief Software Architect at Microsoft kicked off the event and shared with us his perspective on what drives and guides Microsoft in the design and development of software

3 Core Principles driving our software development today:

  • The web as hub is comprised of a social, technology and device mesh.  The web will be used across all our offerings as a hub.
  • The power of choice in the enterprise impacts the business - Virtualization powered utility computing model is the wave moving forward.
  • The need to embrace loosely coupled systems - Embracing Software + Services in all that we do.

Ray had much more to say but I'm just getting into a rhythm here to multitask, listen and blog.   So my strategy going forward will be to send out mini-bursts of MIX08 information at it is made available to me and as I am able to catch it here on these pages.

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