Partner Evangelist – That’s Me!

We'll the summer months are now behind us and like the changing of season's soon too come, I want to take a minute to share with you a recent change in my role at Microsoft.  As of July 1st I formally accepted a new position with the the Developer and Platform Evangelist team at Microsoft.  As the new, and only, Partner Evangelist in the East Region, I will be redirecting the vast majority of my time and energy to our Partner community in the East.  More specifically, I will work hand-in-hand with our partners with a competency in custom application development and/or a web specialization practice.  An important part of my job will be to help them achieve technical readiness on our new and emerging application platform technologies to ensure our customer's have a vibrant and well educated partner ecosystem from which to seek support and assistance in learning, adopting, designing and deploying solutions built on these technologies.

With that, I am pleased to announce that Zhiming Xue, aka "Dr. Z" will now lead and deliver the arcStream events for our Solutions and Strategy Architects in the Mid-Atlantic District (PA, NJ, DE, VA, MD, WV).  Z, as many of us simply call him, is off and running with a new program series to help you better understand the what, when, why and where of several key web technologies that offer the potential to radically change the way you think about and write web applications.   Called The Mid-Atlantic MSDN Roadshow - Silverlight and Expression Series registration is now open.  For more information see Z's blog at

So what lies ahead for my blog "Enterprise and Solutions Architecture - Notes from the field"?  Well the short answer is, nothing changes.  As an advocate for the enterprise, strategy and solutions architect community this site will continue to be the place where I publish information that addresses at least one or more of the following objectives:

1) To share with you the findings of any relevant research I conduct in response to the periodic questions I receive from architects-in-the-field who are striving to better understand the strategic direction of Microsoft’s platform technology.

2) To alert you to key announcements that may impact your efforts to design, develop, deploy or even justify the rational for various platform solutions.

3) To share with you interesting tidbits of information that I pick-up while working with or presenting on any of Microsoft’s core platform technologies that will help you in your efforts to build enterprise-ready, mission critical LOB applications.

Please stay tuned to my blog as this will be the place where I will continue to publish information that I hope will be of value to you, in your role, as an architect.

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