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An arcCast is a web cast for architects. Every 2 months the East Region Developer & Platform Evangelim team delivers a series of 6 arcCasts over a 2 week period on a particular topic of interest to the architect community.

For those of you unable to attend the live broadcast, we are happy to provide recorded versions of our first series on Service Oriented Architecture.  Note that each session is approximately 60 minutes in duration and will be available now thru Feb 15th for your review.

SOA Patterns
This arcCast will provide an overview of Service Oriented Architecture and introduce the most common patterns architects uncover when mapping business requirements to service design: Entity Aggregation and Process Automation.

Register -  Event ID: 1032319836

Lap around Windows Communication Foundation

This arcCast will focus on the significant architectural features and functions of the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) coming in .NET 3.0. Learn how to leverage the new features in Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) to make a smooth transition to a service-oriented architecture.  The capabilities exposed through this new addition to the .NET framework will enable the core building blocks of connected systems such as data & service contracts, security, reliability, administration, and management.

Register - Event ID: 1032320567

Lap around Windows Workflow Foundation

Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) is the programming model, engine and tools for quickly building workflow enabled applications.  A core component of the .NET Framework 3.0, it will be a fundamental part of the Windows platform for developers and will enhance the way we model and support business processes.  This session will talk about application scenarios where workflow adds the most value and will introduce you to the features in Windows Workflow Foundation and how they change these architectures.

Register - Event ID: 1032320571

Business Process Management and SOA

The ability to rapidly and continuously design, develop, and adapt business processes in an agile fashion is a huge business advantage—what Microsoft calls “people-ready processes.”  This session discusses the key tools and services of Microsoft business process management (BPM) products and solutions.  Learn how BPM patterns and Service Orientation are key components to help organizations realize their goals of enhancing day to day and strategic business process efficiencies, reducing costs, and promoting organizational agility and growth.

Register - Event ID: 1032320573

Taming the SOA Volcano : Data Center Management with Service Oriented Systems

Service oriented architecture patterns are becoming increasingly popular because of its powerful benefits.  However, these designs can have unintended consequences on the data center.  This session focuses on these issues and how Microsoft is approaching managing service oriented systems.

Register - Event ID: 1032320576

Enterprise Service Bus on the Microsoft Platform

Many organizations are considering an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) as a way to improve IT efficiencies and simplify integration efforts. However, there is significant confusion surrounding just what an ESB is. In this session, we discuss how to build an ESB on Microsoft technology to support a highly scalable SOA solution.

Register  Event ID: 1032320582

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We hope you enjoy these events. In addition to arcStream, we offer devStream – for Developers and industryStream - for Financial Services and Health and Life Sciences industry specific content. Let us know if you are interested in learning more about all other Streams. For more information or questions, please email East Region DPE Marketing.

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