Today marks my first foray into the world of blogging and I sincerely hope that my efforts here bring insightful wisdom and value to those that subscribe to this feed.  As an advocate for the enterprise and solutions architect community I hope that with each post I address at least one or more of the objectives I've listed here:

1)     To share with you the findings of any relevant research I conduct in response to the periodic questions I receive from architects-in-the-field who are striving to better understand the strategic direction of Microsoft’s platform technology.


2)     To alert you to key announcements that may impact your efforts to design, develop, deploy or even justify the rational for various platform solutions.


3)     To share with you interesting tidbits of information that I pick-up while working with or presenting on any of Microsoft’s core platform technologies that will help you in your efforts to build enterprise-ready, mission critical or LOB applications.



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