Recent Posts on Code-o-rama

While I haven’t been posting much here, I have been posting pretty regularly over on my main development blog code-o-rama.   The main reason is that I’m running a newer version of Community Server over there, which has better editing, etc..  Here are some articles you might want to check out: Stand alone unit test programs…


Assembly Probing and Windows Installer

Some platform features are like the stuff hiding under rocks at the seashore. No, I don’t mean the one’s that are slimey and stinky. I’m talking about the one’s that are interesting but hard to spot. But, all you need to do is catch a glimpse of them and lift the rock… Sometime last year,…


Refactoring NUnit Unit Tests to VSUnit

If you have been using NUnit to write your unit tests, and you have access to Visual Studio 2005 Team System you’ll want to consider upgrading your NUnit tests to the VS Unit Test Framework, which I’ll call VSUnit for short. There is a walkthrough that you should read to get an idea of the…


Test Signing and Instrumentation

Boy, I seem to spend all my time in the deep dark recesses of the CLR. OK, this post is a little bit out there; I hope someone finds it useful. There’s a problem with doing instrumented profiling of applications in Visual Studio 2005 Team System that comes up when working with strongly named assemblies….


Refactoring XmlValidatingReader in .NET 2.0

I seem to have come across this several times in the past week or two, so it’s worth making a note.  In .NET 2.0 XmlValidatingReader is obsolete.  You need to do something like the following in order to create a validating reader now: XmlReaderSettings settings = new XmlReaderSettings(); settings.ValidationType = ValidationType.Schema; XmlReader reader = XmlReader.Create(new…


John’s Dvorak Keyboard Self Help Guide

You find yourself facing a seemingly broken logon screen.  Every character you type seems to come out as some other character.  Perhaps you know JohnL-S had something to do with configuring that system.  You type ASDF and it comes out AOEU.   What’s going on? It was brought to my attention this morning that many of…


Changing MVID’s

Ahhhhh.  There’s nothing quite like pasting a big chunk of code into your blog.  It makes the prose writing part so much easier!  My last entry was about counting bits.  Today I put that in the context of the original problem. Todays entry comes from an internal support alias issues from week or so ago. …