Renamed my blog

Merry Christmas, etc., etc..   Hope you are all enjoying your XBOX 360's.  New year, new blog name.  I'm renaming by blog and refocusing it for 2007.

Recently we decided to give everyone on the Visual Studio Diagnostics team a Director's title (minus the actual promotion).  Mine was "Director of Random Technologies" probably on account of the fact that I have a tendency to act a bit like Hammy in "Over the Hedge" when it comes to software and computers.  It's all good.

The realization hit me this year that the blogs I read the most are the ones that are focused in some way in their scope.  They have a theme.  Sadly my blog has thus far had no theme.  It also helps when trying to write blog entries if you have a theme, otherwise it's a bit like a book without a plot. 

So I've decided refocus, and to use my MSDN blog to write solely about Microsoft diagnostic tools and technologies.  We'll see how it works out.

Another thing I'm going to try and do is keep my entries short and sweet.

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