Web sites are failing visually impaired users – can the Speech Application SDK help?

The BBC has news of an interesting report: Websites ‘failing’ disabled users The key finding was that the group worst affected are those with visual impairments, and the article refers to the recent announcement that the British magazine New Statesman is going to be making its web pages available as speech using new software by…


Lots of news coverage on the Microsoft Speech Server 2004 launch

Sadly I don’t have much time right now to comment on these, but hopefully they’ll make interesting reading. TechWeb, 2.20.04 “Microsoft Sets Launch Date for Speech Server”http://www.techweb.com/wire/story/TWB20040220S0004 eWEEK, 02.19.04 “Microsoft Sets March Launch for Speech Server” – Matt Hicks http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,4149,1530828,00.asp   ENT News, 02.19.04 “Microsoft Speech Server to Launch in March” Scott Bekker http://www.entmag.com/news/article.asp?EditorialsID=6131 TMCNet,…


Jason Nadal is working on a Speech2Blog application

Jason Nadal is working on a Speech2Blog application using the Longhorn speech API to take dictation and post it to a blog. Now if the blog page was navigable with the Speech Application SDK speech controls, that would be really cool.


Microsoft PocketPC Voice Command

Microsoft Voice Command for Pocket PC is now available for download at Handango. It supports speech control of your Windows Mobile 2003 device to look up contacts, get calendar information and even control Windows Media Player. Note that this isn’t part of the Speech Application SDK, or the Microsoft Speech Server offerings – it’s a…


Help or hindrance?

I read an interesting article on the front page of USA today this morning discussing the pain that people have to go through to get their problems solved when phoning up automated answering systems. Systems like the Microsoft Speech Server have the potential to make the systems significantly better for end users, but good voice user…


Going to SpeechTek

I just found out this morning that I’ve been lined up to speak at a session at SpeechTek in New York next week. I’d already been planning to attend, but I’m now going to have a slot to talk about our SDK in the “Application Development Tools and Environments” session, although unfortunately it will only…


Crazy Joe

Somebody just sent me a link to this “commercial” for Crazy Joe’s Speech Engine - a ISIP public domain speech recognizer. It’s pretty amusing – although apparently it features an “award winning team of actors”. I’m not quite sure what awards they’ve won though…