Paul Murphy is already having fun with the December Team System CTP

Paul Murphy has already posted 3 posts on his experience so far with Team System: Team System December CTP — I Team System December CTP — II [Bringing up a Domain Controller] (there is a huge amount of detail in this one about how he configured his servers – read it if you want to…


December Community Tech Preview (CTP) of Visual Studio Team System is available for download

Rob Caron already announced this on his awesome Team System blog – but he’s posted a few very important related posts that I want to collect together because you should read them all before installing… Visual Studio 2005 CTP – December 2004 – DVD (English) is now propagating to the MSDN Subscriber Downloads servers. Note that…


Work Item Tracking Extensibility

Steve Mathieu asked in a newsgroup post what our extensibility mechanism is going to be for the Work Item Tracking components of Team System. “can i use the web services to create, update and delete work item?” Although there is a publicly visible web service, this is not the recommended way to extend Work Item…


Halo 2 statistics support RSS feeds

After all the discussion on Work Item Tracking and RSS based notification, it’s interesting to see that Bungie is supporting RSS feeds for your Halo 2 statistics. Here is my personal Halo 2 statistics feed (you can see that I’m not very good yet…) Oh, and by the way – in case you hadn’t heard…


RSS or email notifications for Work Item tracking?

There is already a lot of discussion on Scott’s recent blog entry on Tracking Bugs about whether Team System will provide an RSS feed for bugs. Today, our internal tool doesn’t provide an RSS feed, but as one of the other Microsofties added in a comment to Scott’s blog there are a whole host of…


ScottGu talks about Tracking Bugs on the ASP.NET team

Scott Guthrie has a really detailed post about how his team uses our internal tools to manage the bug tracking process. I really recommend you take a look if you want to find out more of the background behind Team System’s work item tracking components. Scott has screen grabs of the “Product Studio” tool that…


Shipping Software & Broken Windows

Micky Gousset added these comments in his Team System blog One thing I have found though, is that appearance is everything. I can have all the functionality working perfectly, and it does everything the customer wants, but if I have not prettied up the final site, they are always very negative towards testing it. However, if…


Windows XP Service Pack 2 is a Good Thing

I just send this out in email to some friends and family, and this isn’t exactly something we’re keeping quiet about here at Microsoft – but just in case you’ve missed it: You might have heard that Windows XP SP 2 is going to be available soon – I just wanted to tell you I think…


Visual Studio Beta 1 Refresh with Team System announced

Rick has announced on his blog that we’ve signed off on a new CTP of Visual Studio 2005. The exciting thing for me is that this is a refresh of Beta 1, but this time includes Team System! Summer time, summer time… It’s also great to be back in the office and see the progress…


Bill Zentmayer is blogging

I just spotted that Bill Zentmayer has a blog. Bill and I worked together with one of the SpeechServer 2004 early adopters last year. I’m looking forward to seeing what he does in his new role as an architect/evangelist – hopefully for Team System, amongst other things.