MindManager integration with Team Foundation Server for requirements gathering

A couple of weeks ago we had a Dev Lab on campus - during which time Michael Scherotter from MindJet was campus working with a few people from the TFS team who were showing him some of our Integration Features.

Mareen Philip forwarded a video to me of the end result - this is what Michael came up with after just four days - full integration with MindManager for requirements gathering synched up with TFS.

You can download the Mindjet Requirements Manager for TFS here and you can download a shockwave video demo here (video is also available inline on the page here)

Michael wrote a blog on his experiences here. It's well worth a look to see both the end results (a very cool extension to Mind Manager) as well as how much potential there is in integration with TFS.

What other ideas do you have for TFS integration solutions?

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  1. Manish Agarwal talks about configuring desktop builds for building specific solutions in Team Build….

  2. borge3000 says:

    Well not exactly well integrated, but I created "TimeKeeper" for reporting how much work per workitem/per day each developer puts in. The completed work field does not cut it alone. We need more granularity for keeping track of how much, when and who worked on each workitem…. But the Completed work field is updated as each developer reports work done…

    Screenshot on http://static.flickr.com/53/131348004_37ae928d1b_o.jpg.

    Dont mind the workitem titles… they are in norwegian.

  3. JohnLawr says:

    Borge I really like this idea – it looks like a neat way to quickly enter a bunch of timekeping data that would be cumbersome to do if you had to do it in multiple workitems using the work item form itself.

    When you import work items into the list, do you automatically add a link in the work item itself to invoke the web page?

  4. borge3000 says:

    Yes, both the id field and the description fields links to the detail page for the workitem. The CSS schema we use hides the underlining of the links…

    The problem with using the workitem form is that it only contains an aggregated field for completed work. It is not possible to see who did some work (if several work on the same WI) and what point in time this happened.

    Also all workitems marked as "Active" are automatically imported in to each developers  list.

    The reason for this is that it was hard for project management to see  what each developer was workingon, because all the WI’s went from New to Completed when the task/bug was resolved. No one bothered to keep the status updated. So to "premiere" the developers when reporting worked hours they get the list what they worked on for free if they are diciplined on updating the status on each workitem… and PM gets an updated picture of whats going on.

    (Hope this was understandable)

    Hopefully this could be a feature in next version of TFS. With supporting reports this could be a very powerful resourcetracking tool!


  5. some of my customers are using MindJet to write down a task list or to start the project management.

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