Team Foundation ship room signs off on RTM – ship it!

We just finished our final shiproom - Team Foundation Server is ready to go! Read more on Jeff's blog here

These are just a few of the folks who have been at shiproom every day for the last few months helping get this baby out of the door - thanks to all of you!

Who's who?

From left to right - back row: Dan Kershaw, PM; Mohammad Iqubal, Test Lead; Aldo Donetti; Gregg Boer, PM; Jim Boyle - PM, responsible for running Ship Room; Paulo De Oliveira, PM; Marc Kuperstein, PM Setup; Jeff McKune, Dev Lead

Front Row: Jeff Beehler - Jiminy Cricket of TFS; Bryan MacFarlane - Dev Lead; John Lawrence (me) - Dev Manager; Layne Wiwatowski - Test Lead

You can bet  there will be more celebrations throughout the day...

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  1. I’m happy to announce that this morning at 9am, the Team Foundation team signed off on and shipped…

  2. でましたね。ついに!!これでようやくあれが変更になりました、これがなくなりましたというのに悩まされることなく検証ができるかと思うと(^^ゞそれは冗談としても、次は日本語版ですね。まだまだクビを長くして待つ日は続きそうです。■[vsts]…

  3. James Dykes says:

    Hey Well Done Guys!

  4. khushboo says:

    Check out the TFS Ship party mood at the India Dev center here

  5. Jeff Beehler says Team Foundation Server Ships!  And so does John Lawrence, complete with a picture of…

  6. A few people noted that Mary Jo Foley thought we’d be having green beer when we signed off on Team Foundation…

  7. Xiang says:

    Are there anyone who knows whether the Tram Foundation Source control provides corresponding function like ‘Muti-site VOB’ in ClearCase?


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