What features would you like for a command line work item tracking tool?

One of my team is looking into what a command line tool for Work Item Tracking might look like. We'd like it to be something that you could use without a GUI so that it could be suitable for scripting.

What would you like it to do? What problems would you use it to solve? Does it sound useful to you?

I'd love to have your input - I want to make sure we're creating something that is useful to you. Feel free to post a comment here, or contact me directly.


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  1. David says:

    It could be Monad based 🙂

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  3. John,

    We would probably use a command line tool mostly in scripted environments. The following features would be useful (in order of preference):-

    1) Ability to run arbitary WIQL against the web service – both passed as a command line argument or stored in a file.

    2) Be able to pass login credentials to use instead of the current threads default credentials.

    3) A WorkItem move command to move work items between Team Projects

    4) As well as human readable formats, it would be nice to have format that was specifically designed to be machine parsable, i.e. /format:xml.  It would also be locale neutral

    5) Ability to do the equivalent of an update command in SQL, alternatively have the ability to set some field values to a certain value based on the results of a WIQL query.  The case I am thinking is if you would like to make everything an issue if it has been in a certain state for a period of time, or perhaps raise the rank…

    Also, if you are building a command line tool it would be very useful if it also brough together the functionlaity of the various other tools such as witimport, witexport, witfields etc.

    That’ll do for starters 🙂  However, if I think of anything else I’ll drop you a line.


  4. John,

    I think it would be usefull to have a tool that enabled administrators to remove work items and, as Martin Woodward said, to move work items between projects.



  5. Keith Hill says:

    I like David’s idea of having it be based on the Microsoft Command Shell.  The .NET scripting support in MSH (aka Monad) would be a natural fit for the .NET object model for TFS.  MSH also provides many useful SQL like utilities that would be handy for slicing WIT data from the CLI.

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  7. kayers says:

    IT would be nice to delete workitem types from a team project

  8. Ron says:

    Way off topic here but what I would really like to see is a web interface for editing/adding/deleting work items


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  10. nobl says:

    it would be great if we could get all the workitems as XML or an other format file to be used by other tools or applications as well as writing scripts in the case of administrators…

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