Jason – another Team Foundation Developer – is blogging

Looks like Jason Prickett is now blogging. I’m looking forward to reading what he has to say. He’s one of the developers on my team who has been responsible for much of the Work Item Tracking user interface elements of the Team Foundation client pieces. He’s also been working on the Team Foundation power toy…


Too much email, not enough life

Via Itzy I came across this poem from Steve Palvina.  Will you invest your time in what really matters to you, or will your tombstone ultimately read like this: Here lies John, who passed awayWhile answering his email one day.No friend, no child, no loving mateCould keep poor John from working late.With each new mail, he…


We did have green beer when Team Foundation shipped

A few people noted that Mary Jo Foley thought we’d be having green beer when we signed off on Team Foundation Server on St Patrick’s day. Here’s the proof – Etienne and Aaron enjoying a quite revolting looking drink… 🙂 It tasted good though.    


Team Foundation ship room signs off on RTM – ship it!

We just finished our final shiproom – Team Foundation Server is ready to go! Read more on Jeff’s blog here These are just a few of the folks who have been at shiproom every day for the last few months helping get this baby out of the door – thanks to all of you! Who’s…


What features would you like for a command line work item tracking tool?

One of my team is looking into what a command line tool for Work Item Tracking might look like. We’d like it to be something that you could use without a GUI so that it could be suitable for scripting. What would you like it to do? What problems would you use it to solve?…


A fellow email blood pressure sufferer

I just read David Anderson’s post on how he just decided to Take Back His Life after his email inbox caused his email blood pressure to skyrocket. David, you were getting 400 emails a day at the peak of the Beta 3 period for Team Foundation Server. I apologise – I was probably the sender…


Some history and clarification on our Team Foundation dogfood statistics

I’ve been really bad at reviewing comments on my blog lately – sorry. (I’m sure you’d rather I was focusing on shipping TFS though…) I just came across this comment from Tim Rowe who was wondering how we reached 600 dogfood users for our November stats. When it says ‘Team foundation’, is that 600 people working…


Team Foundation User Admin Tool now works against the TFS RC

Some time ago I blogged about a tool to manage users and groups across WSS, Reporting Services and Team Foundation. This has been available in Beta in the past, but only running against old builds. The Developer Division Aftermarket Solutions team has just updated the binaries to run against the Release Candidate of Team Foundation….