Team Foundation Dogfood Stats – November

Brian's been gathering up his information again - so here are the latest updates in our dogfood usage as off 11/18.

We've seen a very large growth in the total number of files on the system recently thanks to Jeff's recent checkins - and we've had a few new teams across Microsoft start using our dogfood server very recently which is great to see and really helps us have more confidence. I'm happy to see that we're approaching having 600 users with assigned work items.



  • Recent users: 435 (up 105)
  • Users with assigned work items: 561 (up 73)
  • Version control users: 605 (up 137)

 Work items

  • Work items: 55,377 (up over 5,500)
  • CSS nodes: 2,189 (up 62)
  • Work item versions: 477,249 (up 60,000)
  • Attached files: 14,657 (up 1,800)
  • Queries: 5,413 (up 800)

 Version control

  • Files/Folders: 949,100/109,561 (up 330,000/37,000)
  • LocalVersion: 29.5 M (up 5 M)
  • Total compressed file sizes: 73.9G (up 14G)
  • Workspaces: 1,281 (up 300)
  • Shelvesets: 2,233 (up 200)
  • Checkins: 13,406 (up 3,000)
  • Pending changes: 39,790 (up 12,000)

Commands (last 7 days)

  • Work Item queries: 21,536 (down 4,000)
  • Work Item updates: 7,401 (down 1)
  • Work Item opens: 47,306 (up 5,000)
  • Gets: 5,881 (down 2,500)
  • Downloads: 2.7M (down .7M)
  • Checkins: 451 (up 100)
  • Uploads: 53,111 (up 44,000)
  • Shelves: 397 (up 60)

A few folks have asked how we produce this data and whether our out of the box reports show this - the answer is that Brian keeps track of this information personally, usually be querying the databases directly. We don't currently have reports that show this specific data - you have to remember that the goal of our reporting warehouse was to report project status, not on the size of the server. However, I'm intrigued by the idea of seeing what sort of things we can pull together from our warehouse. I'll let you know...

Comments (5)

  1. Tim Rowe says:

    When it says ‘Team foundation’, is that 600 people working on JUST the Team Foundation server portion of VS?

    That’s a massive teams for such a… uh… well, I wouldn’t exactly call it a massive project. Nothing I’d expect to see 600 people on anyway.

    It would be interesting to know how many of them are actually programmers, and how many have ‘other’ jobs – eg, testers, architects, managers etc who are commiting ‘non-code’ files.

    Clearly some absolutely crazy restructuring happened here between the weeks of 24/6 and 24/10 (from ~70,000 files up to 600,000 files… on that alone maybe I can retract my first statement).

  2. I’ve been really bad at reviewing comments on my blog lately – sorry. (I’m sure you’d rather I was focusing…

  3. John Lawrence présente sur son blog les dernières statistiques sur notre utilisation interne de Team

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