Team Foundation Dogfood Statistics for July/Aug

Brian Harry just sent out the latest statistics for how we're using Team Foundation for our own internal development environment.

The most significant changes we've had since our last update is the switch to use a more recent build of Team Foundation (until recently we'd been using Beta 2 for dogfood purposes). This hasn't been pain free - it's basically the same as the July CTP which doesn't have the same degree of testing and stabilization as a Beta release.

However, it has an advantage - because after this CTP we've frozen our client/server protocol (or at least ensured compatibility) - which means that I can work against our dogfood server with a client that I build on my development workstation. Until recently, that wasn't possible - and it means that we're able to dogfood even more aspects of Team Foundation - notably the IDE integration of Version Control functionality.


  • Recent users: 401 (no change)
  • Users with assigned work items: 492 (up 60)
  • Version control users: 411 (up 92)

Work Items

  • Work items: 45,131 (up over 11,000)
  • CSS nodes: 2,118 (up 400)
  • Work item versions: 357,307 (up 115,000)
  • Attached files: 11,155 (up 3,100)
  • Queries: 4,027 (up 1,400)

 Version control

  • Files/Folders: 542,573/63,999 (up 271,000/33,000)
  • LocalVersion: 19.5 million  (up 8.5 M)
  • Total compressed file sizes: 46.9G (up 36.5G)
  • Workspaces: 914 (up 300)
  • Shelvesets: 1,810 (up 600)
  • Checkins: 8,175 (up 4,500)
  • Pending changes: 7,232 (up 2,500)

 Commands (last 7 days)

  • Work Item queries: no data (was 11,758)
  • Work Item updates: no data (was 11,454)
  • Work Item opens: no data(was 56,337)
  • Gets: 17,407 (down 5,000)
  • Downloads: 1.7M (down 1.9M)
  • Checkins: 411 (up 120)
  • Uploads: 132,168 (up 60,000)
  • Shelves: 340 (down 30)


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