Very cute kid’s blog template – virtual fridge

[definitely not Team System related]

Some our best friends, Mike and Hester Higton, have just switched their daughter’s blog from Movable Type to WordPress (largely to help manage the comment spam they were getting) and they’ve taken the opportunity to update the template.

Now it’s a virtual fridge, and it’s probably the cutest blog I’ve ever seen. The fridge magnet photos even change every time you refresh the page. Check it out here.

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  1. Matt Gerlach says:

    Now that is cool. I like the dynamic loading photos.

  2. Dwayne A. Davis says:

    It is very cute, but as a parent, it also disturbs me. I’m always concerned when parents post data about their children on the internet due to the concern with internet predators. Maybe I’m being overly protective, but if you watch a blog long enough, you can gleen a lot of information from it, and if you piece that together with the links the blog contains, you may even be able to get the address of the people. I know of some people that leave enough information on their public site to find out what preschool the child attends.

    How is a child supposed to identify a stranger when the stranger knows many intimate details about the child? Worse yet, do you leave enough information for someone to use social engineering to take your child from the preschool?

    Yeah, maybe I’m being overly cautious, but I will never post information about my kids on a public site <shudder>.

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