More Team System Dogfood Statistics (March/April)

It’s a month since I last posted our previous Team Foundation Dogfood Statistics – and Brian Harry just sent round some updates.

Availability (over the past week)

  • The server was available 98.91% of the time (up from 95.39% last time)
  • We’ve actually been having hardware troubles – we’ll be rolling out some new hardware in the next week or so for our dogfood servers, which I hope will further improve our availability


  • Users with assigned work items: 422 (up 80)
  • Version control users: 220 (up 41)

Work items

  • Work items: 21,262 (up over 3,500)
  • CSS nodes: 1,693 (up 90)
  • Work item versions: 164,837 (up 32,000)
  • Attached files: 6,209 (up 1,000)
  • Queries: 1,606 (up 400)

Version control

  • Files/Folders: 64,766/8,762 (up 5,000/1,000)
  • LocalVersion: 3.35 million  (up 1.1 M)
  • Total compressed file sizes: 667M (up 300M)
  • Workspaces: 358 (up 100)
  • Shelvesets: 528 (up 350)
  • Checkins: 1396 (up 600)
  • Pending changes: 15579 (up 10,000)


A “CSS node” is a term for a node in the Work Item Tracking hierarchy used to keep track of products, features, subfeatures, components, subcomponents etc. 

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