Team System will include a methodology for CMMI Process Improvement

We just announced that we’ll be shipping Team System with two methodologies out of the box:

From eWeek: Microsoft Wednesday announced it will be offering two new process templates with the Visual Studio 2005 Team System's MSF (Microsoft Solutions Framework) to help enterprise developers get started with various development processes. One is the MSF for CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) Process Improvement template and the other is MSF for Agile Software Development.

I think the MSF Agile methodology is well known, but the news about CMMI support is pretty cool. I spent some time last week talking to award winning blogger David Anderson about this. We’ve been working really closely with the SEI (Software Engineering Institute) folks on our CMMI support so that our methodologies really line up well with their guidelines. As a result, if you follow the process baked into the methodology with the Team System tools, you’ll pretty much have all the documentation you need to demonstrate CMMI compliance. This will remove a huge amount of the burden involved with attaining CMMI compliance, which could be a hugely important for many organizations.

We don’t yet have a beta of the CMMI methodology available (and, before you ask, it won’t be in Whidbey Beta 2) but it will come along before too long.

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