Latest Team System Dogfood Statistcs

I thought folks might be interested in some of these numbers that Brian Harry just circulated internally. (In case you don’t speak fluent Microspeak, “dogfood” is a term we use when we deploy pre-release products internally to get real life experience with our product – see this old post about dogfooding I was involved in on another product.)

Everybody in Team System is now using the Team Foundation components in some way after bringing two more groups online last week, so our server size & usage has increased dramatically. Here are some current numbers (the numbers in brackets show the delta from 1 month ago).

Availability (over the past week)

  • The server was down for maintenance 1.81% of the time
  • The server was unexpectedly down 4.61% of the time
  • This gave us a 95.39% availability during planned up time, which was probably one of the worst weeks we’ve had for a while - we’re using a very old build of Yukon which has been causing some problems but we’re upgrading very soon. 


  • Authorized users: 809 (up 25)
  • Users with assigned work items: 338 (up 80)
  • Version control users: 179 (up 43)

Work items

  • Work items: 17,643 (up over 2,500)
  • Work item versions: 132,426 (up 22,000)
  • Attached files: 5,278 (up 1,000)
  • Stored Queries: 1,119 (up 250)

Version control

  • Files/Folders: 56,839/7,830 (up 26,000/3,000)
  • LocalVersion: 2,221,357  (up 1.2 M)
  • Total compressed file sizes: 366M (up 200M)
  • Workspaces: 263 (up 73)
  • Shelvesets: 195 (up 65)
  • Checkins: 767 (up 260)
  • Pending changes: 5,136 (up 1,700)

Commands (last 7 days) – These numbers are low due to a lockdown we have in effect as we drive to Beta 2

  • Gets: 6,119 (up 4,000)
  • Downloads: 1,193,620 (up 900,000)
  • Checkins: 144 (up 70)
  • Uploads: 3,569 (up 1,500)
  • Shelves: 106 (up 30)
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